General Discussion (often abbreviated as GD) is a general "free-for-all" forum on Gaia Online. As defined by Zahir, General Discussion is separated into its component parts: General being "stuff that doesn't already have a forum or subforum dedicated to it" and Discussion being "discussable content."

Detailed Rules

These detailed rules are from the How To Post In GD sticky. It is noted that these guidelines for posting are not set in stone for GD.

  • The main intent of a thread posted in GD should be to provoke discussion and conversation.
  • Venting about That Person Who Like Totally Pissed Me Off Today and how they're like mondo annoying, or telling a rambling little story about A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forums is generally de jure not permitted in the GD Forums and should be posted in one's own Gaia Journals.
  • The discussion should be more-or-less self-evident. Summaries of the discussable content tend to be tacked on the end of a post, but it is not mandatory to the forums. Such a procedure must also be pertinent to the body of the post; talking about doughnuts and then tacking on "Discuss: cheese" is usually not permitted.
  • The word "Discuss" does not automatically render one's thread fit for GD. The thread should be discussion oriented and give an indication of direction of discussion you're going for. For instance: "I hate [topic]. Discuss." is not permitted; it leaves little room for discussion, and would be better posted in one's own journal.
  • Threads composed of a poll, and/or a single question with a one-word answer are not discussion.
  • Repeated attempts to get around these rules by tacking on questions or discuss tags will get one warned and eventually banned.


The General Discussion forum has a distinct culture of its own.

The term prommie is typically only used in the General Discussion forum. It stems from the word "prominent" and most commonly refers to those who are popular and well-known.

Internet Trolls, while operating against the Terms of Service, are frequently active in "GD" and sometimes acquire a following.

GD is the most commonly targeted forum when Gaia becomes the subject of attack by other boards.

The practice of "namedropping", while classified as spam and against the forum rules, is commonly visible in GD. Typically, a namedrop thread consists of a list of usernames and may or may not have been posted by a mule account. Prommies are generally the most common users to be namedropped, along with prominent trolls and users who wish to become prommies.

Sub-Forums of General Discussion

  • Word Games and Others Forum - A forum for word games, countdowns, and other similar activities.
  • Life Issues Forum - A forum to talk about serious problems in one's life or give others some advice.

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