Gaming DiscussionEdit

Gaming Discussion is a board users may post on.


  • Table Top Gaming - Games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Monopoly, and Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Ragnarok Online - Discussion about the popular internet game.
  • Final Fantasy - Discussion about the Final Fantasy series.
  • Fighting Games - Games such as Mortal Kombat,Tekken,and Marvel vs Capcom.

The Main ForumEdit

The main forum is used for discussion about videogames.


  • Gaming Discussion is the home of Gaia Online's first forum, Ragnarok Online.
  • Aside from the Q&F forum split, Gaming Discussion is the only main forum to have been renamed. Videogame Discussion became Gaming Discussion on September 27, 2004.
  • There are two Gaming Discussion topics in Gaia's memorable threads forum: Link is a girl and the old Warcraft 3 sticky.


Gaming Discussion

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