This is the top page for the Work in Progress‎ series. It uses dynamic listing of all the pages on Gaiapedia which need different types of attention from Gaiapedia Users. Articles here are gradually being constructed, revamped, or in for a long process of gaining additional information until they are considered complete.

Types of pages to be aware of

  • Articles that are {{stub}}s. A stub is a very short article, often a paragraph or less, containing an insufficient amount of information.
  • Articles that contain a sufficient amount of information and are beyond stub length but appears incomplete due to a particular section. So please provided the correct image(s) and text to complete the article.
  • Articles that contain great amount of information about the subject, though a particular area with in the article can can still be expanded to include more relevant information.

General attention

Notice: Ignore the templates and gaiapedia pages in the sections, they are linked by default.

Article Work in Progress‎

These are issues that any general user can help solve.

Event Work in Progress

Character Work in Progress‎

Location Work in Progress‎

This is on pause ===[[:Category:Storyline Work in Progress‎|]]=== <DPL> category=Storyline Work in Progress‎ </DPL>

Section Work in Progress‎

This is on pause ===[[:Category:Forum Work in Progress|‎]]=== <DPL> category=Forum Work in Progress </DPL>

Expert attention

Notice the header for this is subject to change.

Profile Work in Progress‎

Article Out of Date‎

These are articles which are out of date and need to have info on current events added to them.

Wikify Work in Progress

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 2.3.0 : Warning: No results.

Expert Work in Progress‎

These are pages which need the attention of someone who is an expert on the subject. You can help by looking through the list for articles which you are very knowledgeable about.

Candidate series

Candidates for Bias‎

These articles may have a biased point of view. You can help by making the article neutral.

Candidates for Breakup‎

These articles are listed for deletion but need important data migrated to other articles before they are deleted. You can help by moving content to places where it would fit.

This is on pause <DPL> category=Candidates for Breakup‎ </DPL>

Candidates for Merge‎

These are articles are listed to be merged into other articles, you can help by moving content to where it should belong.

This is on pause <DPL> category=Candidates for Merge </DPL>

Candidates for image requests

These are articles that may require an image to illustrate the subject, you can help by finding, uploading, and adding it to an article.

This is on pause <DPL> category=Candidates for image requests </DPL>

Admin Attention

These are issues that most likely can only be dealt with by users with Sysop abilities.

Candidates for Deletion

These are pages which need to be quickly deleted by admins.

These pages are also listed for deletion but you may join in on discussions about them.

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