The article is a guideline about uploading images to the Gaiapedia.


Do not use the Wikia as an image host-!!

• All images must have the appropriate license placed onto their file page.
• Licenses are selected from the drop menu on the upload page, so there is no excuse for not adding a license.
• Images uploaded without the proper tags may be deleted and users who repeat these actions will be warned and possibly blocked.
• Do not upload indiscriminate images or manipulated images. If they serve no purpose to the wiki then they will be deleted.
• Personal pictures unrelated to the intent of this wiki or will be of no use, must be hosted to an image hosting site such as Photobucket, Tinypic, or Imgur. If you require help on how to embed hot linked images then please contact the administrator or use the code provided.
• Please understand, this wiki prefers on topic media rather than uploads done at random for User page decoration.
• Do not upload your personal fanart or graphics unless it has significant purpose to the wiki and its current articles that is the exception.
• Do not upload various screen caps or images of zOMG! or Monster Galaxy, each of these have their own respective wikis: zOMG! wiki and Monster Galaxy wiki. There are exception! When it is necessary for event articles, reported updates, and to illustrate what is often hard to describe in words.
• Do not upload pornographic materials. This goes against Wikia 'Term of Use' and is just outright inappropriate.

  • Please give uploaded images suitable and descriptive names. The following example names are common with new wiki contributors and due to it being common it will cause an uploading conflict, they will be renamed or deleted if discovered.
• Uploads with titles such as these are unacceptable. ofhgkdhgvk33tr35634vnih., 1234567890., thisismyimageblah., image., IMG., untitled., 1.png   and so on.

  • Notice that due to Gaia Online having over 65 thousand item images (and continuing), there is a request that certain item images such as event items and evolving stages - be combined into one image before uploading. This is to cut down on the amount of Gaia item images on the Gaiapedia.
    If help is required, please talk to the administrator.

What to know

• An item thumbnail image CAN NOT be upload using their default file number, it is not distinctive enough.
• Human Avatar items and Animal(Paw) Avatar have different naming styles.
• Humans → *_item_Example.png
• Animals → *_pawitem_Example.png
• Dating follows the 2k# Month Date format.
• As shown → 2k16Jan01

How to title item image uploads

Gold Shop Items (GS)

Anything Gold Shop related will have " gs " as its starter.

• gs_banner_2k# month date.
• gs_promo_2k# month date.
• gs_item_Name of Item.
• Result - Gs_item_Buck Teeth

Cash Shop Items (CS)

Anything Cash Shop related will have " cs " as its starter. Cash Shops include La Victoire, Phin Phang, Club Verge, Rococo, and Mecha Neko.

• cs_banner_2k# month date_Name of Item.
• cs_promo_2k# month date_Name of Item.
• cs_page_2k# month date_Name of Item. // Name of Event.
• cs_promo_2k# month date_Rococo // _Club Verge // _Mecha Neko.
• cs_item_Name of Item.
• Result - Cs_item_Wild Punk Bundle

Chance Items (CI)

Anything Chance Item related will have " ci " as its starter.

• ci_banner_2k# month date_Name of Chance Item.
• ci_promo_2k# month date_Name of Chance Item.
• ci_gif_Name of Chance Item.
• ci_header_2k# month date_Name of Chance Item.
• ci_page_2k# month date_Name of Chance Item.
• Name of Chance Item_Original file name. ← Chance Item artwork.
• cigc_banner_2k# month date Name of Chance Item. ← If a Chance Item is a Gaia Cash coupon exclusive through, add " cigc " as the starter.
• ci_item_Name of Chance Item
• Result - Ci_item_Fortune Egg

Evolving Items (EI)

Anything Evolving Item related will have " ei " as its starter.

• ei_banner_2k# month date.
• ei_promo_2k# month date.
• ei_art_2k# month date_Name of Evolving Item.
• ei_item_Name of Evolving item.
• Result - Ei_item_Faustos Bottle

Monthly Collectibles (MC)

Anything Monthly Collectible related will have " mc " as its starter.

• mc_banner_2k# month date.
• mc_promo_2k# month date.
• mc_art_2k# month date.
• mc_item_Name of MC
• Result - Mc_item_Angelic Halo

Limited Quantity Item (LQ)

Anything Limited Quantity Item related will have " lq " as its starter but only for banners, promo, and art. The thumbnails will have " cs " as its starter.

• lq_banner_2k# month date.
• lq_promo_2k# month date.
• lq_art_2k# month date.
• cs_item_Name of LQ
• Result - Cs_item_Teddy March

How to title event image uploads

Event Item (EV)

Anything Event Item related will have " ev " as its starter.

• ev_banner_2k# month date.
• ev_promo_2k# month date.
• Name of Event_Original file name.
• ev_banner_2k# month date_Name of Contest.
• ev_promo_2k# month date_Name of Contest.
• ev_winner_2k# month date_Name of Contest.
• ev_Name of Contest_Subject of Image.
• ev_item_Name of Item.
• Result - Ev_item_Jolly Hat

Holiday events

• Valentine's Day → Vday2k#
• Saint Patrick's Day → StPD2k#
• Easter → Easter2k#
• April Fools → AF2k#
• Halloween → H2k#
• Christmas → Xmas2k#

Annual events

• Prom → Prom2k#
• Summer → Summer2k#
• Rejected Olympics → Olympics2k#
• Gaiaversary → Anniv2k#
• Annual Gaian Ball → Annu2k#

How to title feature image uploads

Gaia Games & Features

Anything Gaia Games or Feature related will have " gg " or " ft " as its starter. This type of titling will depend on game exclusive items not being shop related.

• gg_banner_2k# month date.
• gg_promo_2k# month date.
• gg_art_2k# month date.
• gg_Name of Game. OR :• game_Name of Game. ← Titling of images as 'gg'/'game' is optional, but official name of a game is a must.
• ft_Name of Feature.
• gg_item_Name of Item.
• Result - gg_item_Bullseye Shirt

Flash Spaces (aka Hangouts, Virtual)

Anything Flash Space related will have " ft " as its starter.

• ft_banner_2k# month date.
• ft_promo_2k# month date.
• ft_art_2k# month date.
• ft_Name of Flash Space

Gaia Achievements

Anything Achievements related will have " ga " as its starter.

• GA_Name of Achievement.

How to title NPC(Character) image uploads

Artwork and illustrations

• npc_art_Name of NPC.
• npc_art_Name of NPC_2k*.


• npc_avatar_Name of NPC.
• npc_avatar_Name of NPC_2k*.
• npc_avatar_Name of NPC-Subject of avatar. ← This could mean an event that resulted their avatar to change.


• Category:NPC:Name of NPC_images
• Result - Category:NPC:Ian images

How to title storyline image uploads

Anything Manga or Mini-comic related will have " Manga " / " Mini comic " as its starter.

• Manga Manga_Title Page_Number
• Result - Manga Return of Gino page1.
• Mini comic_Mini comic Title
• Result - Mini comic O RLY (Hat Trick).


Images on this wikia are used for illustration purposes, to depict what is often hard to describe in words. Any other uses of the images, on Wikia or elsewhere, might be copyright infringement. GAIA ONLINE and all related titles, logos, images and characters are ™ and © of AniHQ, GAIA Interactive Inc, Studio XD. 2003–2017. All Rights Reserved. Original Presentation 2003–2017 Gaia Interactive, Inc. Other related images presented on Gaia Online for temporary purposes such as titles, logos, images and characters are trademark and copyright of their respective owners.

Images here are on the English-language Gaiapedia, hosted on servers in the United States by Wikia.

If you are the copyright holder of this image and you feel that its use here does not fall under "fair use," please contact one of the Administrators.

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