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The article defines a basic set up of how Monthly Collectible Item pages are formatted.

To load a layout, Copy then Paste the following onto a blank page and click Publish.
{{subst:Monthly Collectible/preload}}

What to know

  1. All item articles that are about individual Monthly Collectible Items will use the Item: namespace.
  2. All items relating to Animal(Paw)s, will use the Paw Item: namespace.
  3. Please see the Image guidelines to understand how to name Monthly Collectible Item thumbnails and images.

Quick guide

Below is a quick guide. The equal sign is called a ==Header==. The __HERE__ text, is where you will add your information, which is below the headers.


==Artwork description==





Explaining the layout


This is where to place a banner image.


The infobox template is placed at the start of a page.

Every Monthly Collectible Item page must have an Infobox. Any item page found without an infobox will be edited by the Admin.

See template's page for parameters.

Artwork description

This is where to place the artwork description of the Monthly Collectible. This is found in the Monthly Collectibles Museum.

  • Included in this section is the Monthly Collectible artwork.


This is where to place the 'poses' or 'positions' an item has.

  • Items with more than four to six positions will use the following template:


This is where to place any interesting information that relates to or contributes to an item's theme.

  • For example, The Angelic Halo was the first Monthly Collectible released on Gaia.

Please make sure that the trivia is sourced and factual.


This is where to place official Gaia Online announcements.

  • More often than not, the ==Announcements== header will be used in-place of the ==External link(s)== header.
  • Every official Gaia Online announcement, site notice, or thread will use the following template:


What to do and what not to do:

  • ' Do ' properly categorize item pages.
  • ' Do ' make suggestions for categories and discuss the creation of additional categories.
  • ' Do Not ' categorize User pages or User blogs into the item categories, it will be removed.

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