Boxcarsocial is one of two writers for Gaia Online. According to his profile, he is the one who is more liberal with the exclamation points.


  • He's a professional dog spotter.
  • He loves hot dogs
  • He's apart of a Hot Dog Aficionado guild.

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David Thorpe is an American music writer and columnist on Something Awful, and is known as Cashmere Cactus on Gaia Online, with the title of "Developer" (even though he isn't one). He is the lead writer of announcements and also writes news bulletins. Sometimes he writes item descriptions, does manga updates and adds funny little things for Gaia Events.

He introduced Gaians to Bape Cow, a paper papier-mâché horsey-thing. The likeness of his Avatar is in the form of an Doll called SDPlus #226 Cashmere Cactus, which came from the Poseidon's Legacy CI.


  • Is a fan of hip-hop, and liked that the artists did an update based on different hip-hop eras.
  • The Fai Coat from the Tsubasa sponsorship is one of his favorite quest items.
  • He is the proud member of Lanzer's Graveyard.
  • Was paid a dollar to announce Gaia Manuary.
  • Teamed up with Brunosmad to create the Big Button welcome page.
  • "Awesomest" is a word. It's in his dictionary. If it's not in yours, you just don't have a cool enough dictionary.[1]
  • On September 05, 2008, he created a posted about famed voice-over artist Don LaFontaine dying a week after the EI Report about Cassius LaFontaine was released. This weighed heavily on his conscience, and he wondered if he psychically killed Don_LaFontaine with his subconscious mind.
  • The NPC Ricky Baudelaire is based on his appearance (and possibly personality).

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Rosann "Ling" Yip was a developer, and the wife of Josh Gainsbrugh (aka L0cke). Her job on Gaia Online was site development and improvement.


She liked to heckle her cubicle neighbors Brunosmad, Boxcarsocial and Cashmere Cactus.

Her only dislike is dessert shortages.

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Avatar Qixter

David Georgeson (also known as Qixter to Gaians) was the Producer & Creative Director of Gaia Online's MMO zOMG!. On Thursday, November 5, 2009 he announced his departure.

Greetings, zOMGaians.

The process of envisioning a world for you has been a great experience. Working non-stop with the dev team for 2.5 years to extend Johnny Gambino's family problems for you all has been the ride of a lifetime for me.

"zOMG!" is something of a miracle. Almost no one on this team had ever made a game before. No one at all, anywhere, had ever made a true MMO in a non-downloadable Flash environment before. And I don't know of any MMO ever created to specifically integrate into an already-existing social community, especially one as unique and cool as Gaia. (Plus the whole 15-person dev team thing. That has to be a world record for "smallest MMO dev team size".)

So although I came to Gaia specifically to build such a world, now that 98% of the work is done, this leaves me in something of a bind. I build big projects. Usually ridiculously huge ones and usually from scratch. But Gaia already has a big world of its own now and doesn't need another one.

It would be fun to keep supporting this world for years to come, but the truth is that Gaia is filled to the brim with creative people that can do as good a job as me (maybe better) now that the virtual world is built up into a solid shape.

That means it's time for me to move on. Other worlds still need to be created and my work in that area isn't done yet. So I'm gonna go do that.

There are still a few new things coming from me in the next few weeks. (A rewrite of the Fountain and Goof games, specifically.) You'll probably hear from me when those roll out, and I'll post a Journal entry once I find my new gig so you know where I went. (Blatant plug: If you like "zOMG!", you'll probably like whatever I build next. It'll certainly be a radically different game but design style is a "stamp" and you'll see "Q-ness" in all my games.)

Anyway, I just wanted you all to know where I had gone. It's been an honor and a privilege to help virtually realize some of your dreams into entertainment, and I hope you'll keep your love for the unique virtual world you have here.

See ya in the next game! Go Gaia!

-- David "Qixter" Georgeson Sr. Producer & Creative Director "zOMG!" (Apr 2007 - Nov 2009)

(thread left open for posting)

P.S., This will be a fairly gradual goodbye. I'll be helping the team with some script debugging and being a consultant until the end of the year. But my hand is off the tiller now.

Quote David "Qixter" Georgeson
zOMG! Visionary
Let me hear a "Mwu-ha-ha!"

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Brunosmad (Bruno Medeiros) is a Developer on Gaia Online.

He declared "MANUARY" in February 2008, during that time all office males had to stop shaving and grow manly facial hair. He gave Cashmere Cactus a dollar to write an announcement about it, which was emailed to the whole Gaia staff. They were not allowed to shave until February 15, the reward was their own beard.


  • Brunosmad's younger sister stole a papier-mâché horse from a high school art classroom, which resulted in Gaia artists using its likeness to create the item Bape Cow.
  • Teamed up with Cashmere Cactus to create the Big Button welcome page.
  • Is the brother of the former Gaia dev Fleep.
  • The NPC NPC:Bruce Hardcastle is based on his appearance (and possibly personality).

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DARKNRGY is a developer who works on zOMG! and normalizing of items. He also worked on the Marketplace update. He has a modern profile and he is a user from 2004. he is also a member of multiple guilds.

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Saar Sagger-AT3 Golde was a developer on Gaia who focused on Gaia's economy and based his Ph D dissertation on his observations of the economy.

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Ijustworkhere a former Developer who worked at Gaia Online. He was the one that came up with the idea for Item:The Experiment EI.