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Gaia Toolbar is a small application available for download and use for either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It went through a limited beta test on December 4 2007, where it was only made available to purchasers of Monthly Collectibles or Gaia Cash in the 31 days prior to the announcement. It was made available to all the Gaian public later in the same month on December 10.


  • Avatar and Quick Links - Check your outfit and quickly navigate to key Gaia areas.
  • Search - Search Gaia tags, topics & users, or search the Web with Yahoo! Search.
  • News & Alerts - Get the latest Gaia news bulletins; see how many Gaians are currently online.
  • Friend Status - Get updates on new friend requests and see whether your friends are online.
  • Subs - Stay in touch with suscribed topics and journals.
  • Market - Follow auctions from your watchlist and get updates on pending trades.
  • Gold and Gaia Cash - Monitor your wealth! Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind. Also: you'll earn Gaia Gold by browsing with the Toolbar, just as you would by browsing Gaia itself.
  • Gaia Forums - See the most popular threads and view updates to your forum and journal subscriptions.

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