Gino's Return took place on both August 5 2005 and October 11 2005.

Part 1Edit

Sasha and Ian's store speech bubbles changed to include references to each other a short while before the event, and a manga was released in sections that detailed the beginning stages of this plot update. Sasha and Ian were walking on the Gambino beach, enjoying the sun, and Ian wandered off to find Sasha some pretty seashells. While Ian was absent, Sasha discovered Gino Gambino washed up on the beach. He wasn't breathing, so she gave him mouth to mouth rescue breathing, presumably causing him to breathe on his own again. Ian returned during Sasha's rescue attempt and was shocked, perceiving the rescue breathing as a kiss and becoming jealous. Sasha berated him for this and then took Gino back to her house. Later that day, a shadowy figure with a strong resemblance to Ian came to Sasha's house, wielding a kitchen knife.

Part 2Edit

Recent story events included a manga with it, this happened again on October 11. The story takes place immediatally after the last manga on August 5, just as Ian walks in where Gino is sleeping, holding a kitchen knife. "In everyone's lives, there comes a time when one needs to act. Some acts can cause much pain and suffering-- Some acts-- --Are just blown out of proportion in our minds." Ian is shown slicing a piece of bread with Sasha making complaints on the bread size. Sasha brings Gino in lunch while he is in bed, talking to Doctor123, formally LabTech123, on his bedside. Doctor123 is now working for the local free clinic, helping people who are in need for no charge. He said that Gambino understood that power the most, those with great power have the ability to help those who are less fortunate. In the morning Bucho came to get Gino, just as soon as he heard it was 'OK' to get him. Gino says goodbye to Sasha and Ian, thanking them for saving his life. Sasha gives Gino his father's pocket watch which she found on the beach. Of course in the background, Ian was jealous. Gino then returns home in Isle De Gambino, the mansion empty of any life. He stands at the balcony, looking out to the island Gambino, wondering how he will ever fill his father's shoes. Later in Barton pub Ian, Sasha, Moira, Liam, and Vanessa all were sitting at a table chitchatting about the recent events between Sasha and Gino. After Sasha told everybody about the 'mouth-to-mouth' with Gino, Moira pops in with a 'you're not getting the only action' and tells everybody about someone she's seeing, then points out Vanessa is also seeing someone new. At around 6:30 Ian somehow, by himself, walks into Sasha's bedroom, and find pills near the bed where Gino was sleeping, then saying the words, "I knew it. I've got you now, Gino!"