Dark Alliance is the name of a Gaia storyline manga released July 23. It should have been released as part of the build-up to Gaia Olympics 2k8 but was delayed by two days. It shows how megalomaniac geniuses get the job done for the Isle de Gambino.


Bored of flicking through films featuring Ron Bruise, Johnny K. Gambino switches to Gaia 9 Action News where Cindy Donovinh interviews Edmund and Louie Von Helson. Cindy mentions that Durem is enlisting help from Vampires, and Johnny immediately phones Edmund to say that his choice of allies is dangerous, as well as cheating. Edmund tells him to lighten up, but Johnny assures him that he has his own tricks up his sleeve. Johnny mentions Serum 3A, and Edmund worriedly shouts at him, telling him not to be a fool. Johnny yells 'Later on, loser!' and walks out of the mansion to the Bank of Gambino.

Lex, Sasha and Ruby run around a track, and while Ruby has doubts about the island's chances of winning, Lex assures them that they have one thing the other towns don't: their very own crazy, megalomaniacal genius.

At the Bank of Gambino, a Devil Imp tries to deposit a bag full of gold teeth. Meredith, shocked, says she'll have to ask her boss. Johnny arrives with perfect timing, and agrees with the Imp, telling her to take the teeth. He opens a vault and removes a test tube containing Serum 3A, then laughs, asking 'Who's got a corpse?'

In a cave, Devil Imps crowd around a cadaver covered by a sheet, telling Johnny they got him from the medical school. Johnny injects it with the serum, and it sits up and glomps him. He explains that it doesn't make zombies hungry for brains, and it's not contagious, it just makes them mill about like cows, assuring the Devil Imps that it will guarantee a Gambino victory and gold medals galore. Excited at the prospect at gold, they decide to help the Isle out. After seeing Johnny training the Imps and Zombies, Ruby tells Sasha and Lex to pretend it isn't happening.

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