Cat Fish is the name of a Gaia Storyline manga released July 18 in the build-up to Gaia Olympics 2k8. It shows how Barton Town finds a way to compete in the Gaia Olympics 2k8.


Logan fishes at Bass'ken Lake, sitting atop a pile of fish. Suddenly, he sees a Centaur next to him, who kicks all his fish back into the water and shouts at him for his disregard of the ecosystem. The Centaur closes the lake and orders Logan to complete the requisite paperwork and pay a fine of nine million Gold.

Later, Ian and Rufus see a sign in town saying the fish special is sold out. The Centaurs have stopped every market in town from selling fish, and Rufus is in agony over his cravings. Collapsing on grass and staring at the sky, he imagines clouds forming into shapes resembling food, but suddenly a solid shapes shoots down from the sky. A white blob with feathery wings and a golden swirling tail lands straight onto Rufus's stomach. Ian picks it up, wondering what it is, and Rufus's initial thought is whether he can eat it or not. Before he can pounce, Rina screams 'Noooo DON'T EAT IT!' and swipes it. She reveals that it is an Angel Imp she found whilst gathering flowers for her shop, although Rufus still wishes to eat it.

Leon arrives and tells them of the news that Lanzer has decreed that all towns participate in the upcoming Olympics. Rufus asks if they win fish, and Ian realises that if they win medals and cash them in, they can pay off the debt to the Centaurs and live happily ever after. Excited at the prospect of more fish, Rufus is determined to win. However, Rina notes that they need strong, athletic people in order to win. Leon suggests asking the Centaurs for help, as they too are Bartonians, and would be strong and fast. The Angel Imp starts flapping about, but Ian and Rufus doubt that it could help. It starts to evolve into a blonde boy with large, white angelic wings coming from his head and bird claws instead of feet. As Rina tackles her naked friend with hearts in her eyes, Rufus, Ian and Leon are convinced that their Olympic team will win.

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