Gaia Standard Time (GST) is the current time of the Gaia World, created in order to give the Gaian masses a chance to see dusk, dawn, and night. This feature is implemented into Gaia's map, town, and fishing game. It effects the town and fishing areas by triggering bugs and fish that only appear at a certain time of the day. In the year of 2004 and 2006, the feature use to trigger the arrival of Halloween Jack, who would only appear at night. GST time moves 10.28 times faster than Earth time, there are two Gaia days to each day in RealLifeTM.


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Time Comparison Edit

One minute of real time = 10.28 minutes of Gaia Standard Time.

GMT Alaska Pacific Mountain Central East Coast On Gaia
10:00am 01:00am02:00am03:00am04:00am05:00am06:51am
11:00am 02:00am03:00am04:00am05:00am06:00am05:08pm
12:00pm 03:00am04:00am05:00am06:00am07:00am03:25am
01:00pm 04:00am05:00am06:00am07:00am08:00am01:42pm
02:00pm 05:00am06:00am07:00am08:00am09:00am12:00am
03:00pm 06:00am07:00am08:00am09:00am10:00am10:16am
04:00pm 07:00am08:00am09:00am10:00am11:00am08:33pm
05:00pm 08:00am09:00am10:00am11:00pm12:00pm06:51am
06:00pm 09:00am10:00am11:00pm12:00pm01:00pm05:08pm
07:00pm 10:00am11:00pm12:00pm01:00pm02:00pm03:25am
08:00pm 11:00pm12:00pm01:00pm02:00pm03:00pm01:42pm
09:00pm 12:00pm01:00pm02:00pm03:00pm04:00pm12:00am
10:00pm 01:00pm02:00pm03:00pm04:00pm05:00pm10:16am
11:00pm 02:00pm03:00pm04:00pm05:00pm06:00pm08:33pm
12:00am 03:00pm04:00pm05:00pm06:00pm07:00pm06:51am
01:00am 04:00pm05:00pm06:00pm07:00pm08:00pm05:08pm
02:00am 05:00pm06:00pm07:00pm08:00pm09:00pm03:25am
03:00am 06:00pm07:00pm08:00pm09:00pm10:00pm01:42pm
04:00am 07:00pm08:00pm09:00pm10:00pm11:00pm12:00am
05:00am 08:00pm09:00pm10:00pm11:00am12:00am10:16am
06:00am 09:00pm10:00pm11:00am12:00am01:00am08:33pm
07:00am 10:00pm11:00pm12:00am01:00am02:00am06:51am
08:00am 11:00am12:00am01:00am02:00am03:00am10:16am
09:00am 12:00am01:00am02:00am03:00am04:00am08:33pm