Gaia Slots was first released on June 10 2005 along with the introduction of Gold Mountain, where the game is located.


TokenIconWinning conversion

Conversion for number of tokens played (1 to 3) to winnings, depending on which icons are landed

Gaians must first choose to either join an existing room or create a new one. Rooms can hold up to six players, and they can communicate with each other in a chat. Players can also see whether other players in the room win or lose.

The player is faced with a slot machine. Up to three tokens, purchased from Gold Mountain, can be played at a time, and spending more tokens produces more winnings if two or three icons appear in a row. Winnings are only available in the game, and can be used again like tokens, or can be cashed into tickets to spend in Prize & Joy. If the game is exited while there are still winnings present, they will be lost, so it is recommended to cash winnings into tickets before closing the game.

There are five icons on the slot machine reels, which will align themselves randomly once spun, although the icons with less value have more of a chance to land than more valuable ones. To win on two-of-a-kind, they must be next to each other. For example: wing:wing:coin is a win, but halo:coin:halo is not.

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