Gaia Runway's daily rewards.

Granted goldEdit

Listed is the gold reward received for voting on an entry.

Vote1: 50000G Vote2: 25000G Vote3: 16666G Vote4: 12500G
Vote5: 10000G Vote6: 8333G Vote7: 7142G Vote8: 6250G
Vote9: 5555G Vote10: 5000G Vote11: 4545G Vote12: 4166G
Vote13: 3846G Vote14: 3571G Vote15: 3333G Vote16: 3125G
Vote17: 2941G Vote18: 2777G Vote19: 2631G Vote20: 2500G

2500 Gold is the stable amount given past the 20th vote.

Daily RewardEdit

Listed are the once a day rewards received for voting on an entry.

Day1: 5,000G Day2: 10,000G Day3: 20,000G Day4: 40,000G
Day5: 80,000G Day6: 160,000G Day7: 400,000G Day8: Chance

Prize BreakdownEdit

Listed are the prizes won for each winning placement.

Place Gaia Cash theme Gaia Gold theme Free theme
1st: 3,300GC • 350,000,000GG 700GC • 175,000,000 200,000,000GG
2nd: 1,650GC • 175,000,000GG 350GC • 87,500,000GG 100,000,000GG
3rd: 825GC • 87,500,000GG 175GC • 43,750,000GG 50,000,000GG
4th: 660GC • 70,000,000GG 140GC • 35,000,000GG 40,000,000GG
5th: 577GC • 61,250,000GG 122GC • 30,625,000GG 35,000,000GG
6th: 412GC • 43,750,000GG 87GC • 21,875,000GG 25,000,000GG
7th: 330GC • 35,000,000GG 70GC • 17,500,000GG 20,000,000GG
8th: 247GC • 26,250,000GG 52GC • 13,125,000GG 15,000,000GG
9th: 165GC • 17,500,000GG 35GC • 8,750,000GG 10,000,000GG
10th: 82GC • 8,750,000GG 17GC • 4,375,000GG 5,000,000GG
Total Prizes: 875,000,000 Gold • 8,250 GCash 437,500,000 Gold • 1,750 GCash 500,000,000 Gold

See alsoEdit

See also: Gaia Runway/Daily Reward history

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