Gaia Runway is a Gaia Online feature that allows Gaians to enter their avatar in a 'runway' to be voted on.


Promotional textEdit

Welcome to Gaia Runway! Here is your chance to show the Gaia world you have what it takes to be a famous runway model. Vote below for the runway model you think best represents the theme and earn gold! Or dress up your avatar to fit tomorrow's theme and enter for a chance at an item, gold or even GCash! Check out the forum and make sure the read the feature rules!


Vote & EarnEdit

Located at the top of the landing page, voting in the runway consist of three available categories.

  • It does not cost any fee to vote for any of the entries.
  • Upon clicking a category to vote for, Gaians are presented with a banner that contains their own entry (if entered) and the current top five models. As well as a displayed number of votes.
  • In the middle of the voting page is the stage and presented are two sets of avatars.
    • Gaians can vote for one avatar or click the refresh button to skip both entries to vote for another set of avatars.
  • Continuing below the stage is a counter for how many times the voter has voted.
    • A certain amount of voting for the day may yield an gold, a daily reward, or an achievement.

Enter & WinEdit

Located at the bottom of the landing page, entering the runway consist three available categories.

  • Gaia Cash theme with an entry fee of 50 GCash.
  • Gaia Gold theme with an entry fee of 250,000,000 Gold.
  • Free theme with an entry fee of 0 Gold.
  • Each category has their own rotating themes for the week.
  • If one wants to enter they must dress up their avatar and submit it to their category of choice while following the current days theme.
    • The deadline to enter is 11:59:59pm PST.
    • Once call categories past the deadline a new set of themes will appear for the day.

Yesterday's top modelsEdit

Located at the bottom of a voting page, this section displays the top three winners of the past theme and a sub-link to that themes museum. An archive of entered avatars.

  • Those who have maintained their spot for the day will win whatever prize the category is designated for.
  • The museum will display the rest of the top winners as well as a Gaian's own entry and accumulated votes.

Prizes and ThemesEdit

Main articles: /Daily Reward and Gaia Runway Themes



  • This Runway has been moved to the game tab, under dumpster dive.

Flavor textEdit

  • Not satisfied with your look? Head on over to your wardrobe and get ready. / Otherwise... What are you waiting for!
    • [Enter]
    • You have been entered. Good Luck!
    • You've Already Entered
    • You do not have enough gold to enter!
  • Thanks for voting!
    • You have been granted # gold!
    • You have made: # votes!
    • Whoa! Slow down... doing the paperwork!
    • Oh Noes, no grant given! Collect all the days to get an item!
    • ***ALERT: VOTE NOT COUNTED*** Please enter captcha.
    • It is FORBIDDEN!
    • Slow down! You are voting too fast!
  • This Runway is no longer available

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