The Gaia Plot Quiz was created on Gaia's 4th Anniversary. There were 51 Questions but they were not presented all at once, a group of 10 Questions rotated if the quiz page was refreshed or if the quiz was retaken. The quiz takers needed to get 10 Questions correct in order to earn the prize, which were the "4th Anniversary Roman Candles". One of the purposes of the quiz was to encourage Gaians to read the manga to find the answers.

The Quiz is presented here with the questions arranged in the order of the storylines events. The NPC portion is at the end and the answers are highlighted in dark red.

Questions for 2004Edit

  • G-Corp caused a zombie outbreak with the release of:
The G-Virus
An infected rat
Radioactive fumes
A peculiar smell

  • What did Gambino give Halloween partygoers to help them battle an outbreak of the G-Virus?
A pep talk
Crumpled Green Construction Paper

  • The superweapon that destroyed the Gambino Mansion (and the zombies within) on Halloween 2004 was called:
The Big Easy
Silent Flash
The Megasplosion

  • Who went missing following the destruction of the Gambino Mansion in October 2004?
Gino Gambino
Lab Tech 123
Cindy Donovinh
Johnny Gambino

  • After the explosion of the Gambino Mansion on Halloween of 2004, Johnny Gambino was :reunited with his son:
At the rebuilt Gambino Mansion
On the Tower of Gambino
Inside the belly of a whale
At the Durem Reclamation Facility

  • What ailment did Gino suffer after the Gambino Mansion's explosion in 2004?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Questions for 2005 Part 1Edit

  • The Von Helson sisters persuaded Johnny Gambino to leave their Gaian Anniversary party by:
Holding Gino Gambino hostage
Spiking his punch with laxatives
Playing "I Like To Move It" by Reel 2 Reel over and over again
Asking him politely

  • With his fortune regained, Gambino built a tower that was:
Made of a disgusting jelly-like material which eventually began to smell
So tall it cast a shadow into Durem
Shut down because it did not meet fire safety codes
Made entirely out of the melted-down belongings of his enemies

  • Johnny Gambino fell from the top of the Tower of Gambino when:
He was shot by a sniper
An earthquake caused the tower to topple
Gino pushed him
He leaned over the edge too far while attempting to spit on a passing seagull

  • Just before being shot, Johnny K. Gambino was allegedly called this by Gino:
"Stink Commander"
All of the above

  • After the destruction of the Tower of Gambino, where was Gino Gambino found alive?
Inside a trash can rolling down a hill
Isle de Gambino
Wandering the streets of Barton Town
Vegas, baby!

  • Gino Gambino was found on the beach by:
Sasha and Liam
An army of crabs

  • Who cared for Gino after he was found following his fall from the Tower of Gambino?
Sasha and Liam
Ian and Rufus
Sasha and Ian
Johnny Gambino

  • Who was put in charge of the rebuilt G-Corp in 2005?
Labtech 123
Labtech X
Labtech 13
Labtech Rodney

Questions for 2005 Part 2Edit

  • Jack became enraged at Santa when:
Santa stated that he would take over the operation of Halloween
Santa stole Jack's girlfriend
Santa stole Jack's pants
Santa publicly blamed the unfortunate events of the previous Halloween on Jack

  • After his death at the hands of Jack, Santa was brought back to life by:
The Ghost of Xmas Past
One child's innocent, wide-eyed belief in the magic of the holiday season

  • Santa isn't normally much of a fighter, but on one occasion he wore this, which allowed :him to do battle with Jack:
A top hat with a secret weapon built in
A robotic suit
Helm of the Vikings

  • The fight between Jack and Santa was brought to an end by:
The G-Team
The Masque
A mutual fondness for contemporary architecture

  • At The Masque's pre-New Year's press conference, he stated his intent to _________ at the Masquerade Ball:
Reveal his true identity
Get hyphy
Kiss Sasha
Kiss Moira

  • Ian gained entrance to the Masquerade by beating up:
Gino Gambino
A potted plant

  • Ian was arrested after authorities accused him of:
Comforting a layabout
Burning down the Gambino Mansion
Toppling the Tower of Gambino
Shooting Johnny Gambino

  • Ian was arrested soon after he crashed a party and screamed:
"Sasha, you're terrible!"
"This salsa is terrible!"
"I lost my frog!"

Questions for 2006 Part 1Edit

  • During the trial, it came to light that Ian's last name is:

  • After being charged with arson and put on trial, the jury decided Ian was:
Innocent and cleared of all charges
Guilty and put on probation
Guilty and sent to jail for 50 years
Rather handsome and quite a charmer with the ladies

  • After leaving his trial, Ian was injured by:
A sniper's bullet
The hurtful words of a clown
A fight with Gino Gambino
A falling piano

  • The Sniper has attacked two people so far. These people are:
Johnny Gambino and Gino Gambino
Johnny Gambino and Labtech X
Labtech X and Gino Gambino
Johnny Gambino and Ian

  • When Ian was in the hospital, what gift did he give to Sasha?
A diamond seashell
A coral pendant
A gift certificate for an evening of fine dining at the Heartland Buffet
A lock of his hair

  • Gino challenged Ian to a duel over:
Gino's suspicion that Ian was responsible for the destruction of the Gambino Mansion
A contested ear of corn
Their competition to win Sasha's heart
Ian's unkind words about Johnny Gambino

  • Ian and Gino's duel was halted by:
Labtech X
Cindy Donovinh
Johnny Gambino

  • After the massive explosion at the Barton Cliffs:
Gino Gambino was found dead
Labtech X fused with Gino
Gino separated into two entities: Gino and Johnny Gambino
Cindy Donovinh's helicopter crashed

  • The brain-sucking creatures that started the second zombie invasion of the Gambino Mansion were called:

Questions for 2006 Part 2Edit

  • In 2006, Johnny Gambino rebuilt his mansion (yet again) with profits from:
Zurg Energy Drink
Eating bugs for nickels
None of the above

  • Gambino's 2006 Halloween party was sponsored by:
Red Bino
Gambino Outfitters
The Durem Reclamation Facility

  • That snake Liam was courting three ladies at the Halloween Bash! They were:
Vanessa, Sasha and Moira
Sasha, Agatha and Moira
Moira, Ruby and Vanessa
Vanessa, Sasha and Ruby

  • When Gaians took a sip of the Zurg energy drink, they:
Passed out and were abducted by "Mother"
Mutated into a Zurg
Decided to throw the rest away
Became incredibly profane and angry

  • The mysterious celebrity who showed up on Gaia in 2006 was named:
Peter O'Foole
Gregory Heck
Chad Gitt
Ron Bruise

  • The Gaian who shared a romance with one of the Zurg was:
Yuzi K
Ron Bruise

  • Which shape holds a particular interest for the Zurg?

  • Which number seems to have a special significance to the Zurg?

  • The Zurg have a tendency to abduct:

  • In 2006, Santa's mind was swapped with that of:
Zurg 02
A cow
Johnny Gambino

  • When victims of a Zurg tractor beam come into contact with _________, they may encounter certain mind-altering side effects:
Power lines

  • Which Zurg took on the responsibility of giving out gifts in 2006?
Zurg 02
Zurg 04
Zurg 06
Zurg 09

Questions for Who isEdit

  • Johnny K. Gambino is:
The richest man on Gaia
Father of Gino Gambino
The first victim of the Sniper
All of the above

  • Who is Johnny K. Gambino?
Singer of the hit song "Hand Me That Broom (So That I May Sweep Up My Broken Heart)"
A prominent and ruthless Gaian businessman
A walrus that just happens to have a name
The friendly old fellow in charge of the Fishing Hole

  • Who is Gino Gambino?
Founder and president of the Clever Names Club
The father of Johnny K. Gambino
The brother of Johnny K. Gambino
None of the above

  • Who is Ian?
Rufus' friend and the former proprietor of Barton Boutique
Johnny K. Gambino's malfunctioning robotic butler
The Gaian fashion designer famous for designing those fantastically trendy starter clothes
A Gaian businessman famous for beating Gino Gambino in a milk chugging contest

  • Who is Sasha?
A wise and ancient ghost fish that is rumored to live in Bass'ken Lake
Santa's alter ego
Rina's imaginary friend
The shopkeeper at Gambino Outfitters

  • Who is Liam?
Noel's brother
The rancher whose cows were abducted by the Zurg
The Aekean womanizer who runs Crate & Apparel
Sasha's brother

  • Bucho is:
A famous Gaian bullfighter
Johnny Gambino's oldest son
Head of security at G-Corp
A concept first proposed by Michel Foucault in his 1961 theoretical treatise Madness and Civilization

  • Jack's most apparent physical feature is:
One arm that is much stronger than the other
His neatly-trimmed beard
His tiny elf body
His pumpkin head

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