Gaia Mini-Games also known as Gaia Games are games that were created specifically for Gaia Online and played by Gaians. As of this day there are 8 mini games. The page also holds a promo for zOMG!, Gold Lotto, it displays the Top Fishers, and it links to Prize & Joy.

Note: that clicking the image does not lead to the game, because the icons are copied from the game page.

The GamesEdit

Solve jigsaw puzzles to win Gaia Gold. Pick your skill level, from easy to insane.
Ic jigsaw
Show off your Gaia Car, chat with friends or challenge your rivals to a race.
Ic rally
Try your luck on Gaia's slots. Line up three holes to win a massive jackpot.
Ic slots
Something's a little fishy about this card game. The dealer cheats, but so can you.
Ic cards
Feeling brainy? Spell words fast to bump the golden tiles to the top of the screen.
Ic wordbump
Visit one of Gaia's scenic fishing holes to catch fish. Trade them in for Gold and items!
Ic fishing
Ready for some action? Slap around the ol' silverball to win some Gaia Gold.
Ic pinball
Bludeau needs friends. Connect volts and create circuits to power the machines that build them. Fast paced puzzle action for Gold and Prizes!
Ic elf

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