Manuary happens during the month of January, men who grow out their facial hair. Exact reasons for this are unknown, yet theories have arose as it being in response to the high stress nature of the holiday season, thereby men resorting to mantastic facial hair to compensate for seeing their in-laws.

On Gaia Online this took place among the Gaia Staff and was declared by Brunosmad, who gave Cashmere Cactus a dollar to make this announcement:


Eons ago, at the dawn of the first month, man rose glistening from the bog, his hair matted with mud and frog eggs. He paused to smell his musk, and it was good.

His eyes blazing with masculine power, he gazed upon his chiseled form in the bog's glassy surface. Startled by his reflection, he clawed at the wild beast attacking his neck, but felt only firm jaw beneath. Man had discovered his beard.

He knew then that it was Manuary, and ran whooping into the primordial mist in search of beer and pornography.

This month, the men of Gaia salute the first man by growing our beards in solidarity. During this hallowed time, all men are encouraged to forswear the barbaric practice of shaving and join each other in the fragrant thrill of mutual manhood.

The Rules:

-Starting NOW, don't shave until February 15.

The Reward:

-A Beard.

Many men spent weeks straining to grow facial hair, and many beards (including Cashmere Cactus) fell by the wayside as angry girlfriends and nonstop itching forced them to abandon their manliness. Only about a dozen men had successfully completed the challenge and retained their beards for a full six weeks. Brunosmad documented these proud beards on film, and they were delighted to share the photos with Gaians.

Gaians were encouraged to use the photos from Gaia Manuary Flickr to create edits.

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