Gaia Jigsaw, First released on Wednesday, October 25, 2006, Gaia Jigsaw has rapidly garnered fierce support and for its simple, addictive game play. While completing a jigsaw puzzle user can chat, just as in Gaia Fishing and Gaia Cards. Prizes include Gaia Gold and random items, including a poster of the completed puzzle to hang in Gaia Homes.


After the loading screen now present on all Gaia Games, players first choose one of five channels, or servers, to play on. In each channel is a list of rooms with the room name and number of occupants. Players can either join an existing room or create their own.

Once inside a room, players are given the option of a number of different puzzles, with a new weekly one added each week. Users also choose a difficulty level ranging from 'Easy' to 'Insane'. Progressive difficulties multiply the number of puzzle pieces, Easy has 30, Normal 70, Hard 120 and insane has 300 tiny pieces. Generally the cash rewards for playing this game vary depending upon how quickly the puzzle was finished, how many times a user played that day, and how difficult the puzzle is. The more games played in a day and the longer it takes to complete a puzzle, the smaller the cash reward is.

Bonus ItemsEdit

Each time a player starts a new puzzle, they would have a chance to win a bonus item in addition to the normal gold prize. They'd know this when the puzzle contained bright purple pieces. Once assembled, the pieces form a circle with the words "bonus item!" inside. These bonus prizes varied, and at times a player could win a "Framed Gaia Artwork", that was a mini framed work of the assembled puzzle, this framed work can be used in Gaia Homes as a wall accessory.

If a player were to quit and start a new puzzle without completing the first one they would not receive the current bonus item.

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