Gaia Gold  n. (gohld) [1]

  1. a precious yellow metallic element, highly malleable and ductile.
  2. the original de jure currency of Gaia Online.


Gold is the main currency in the online world of Gaia. It can be used to buy items in the Shops and/or Marketplace for avatars, homes, and cars.



Gold can be earned by doing just about anything on the site. This includes things such as: browsing, gaming, and selling.

When speaking in the forums Gaians may refer to an amount gold in different ways. Normally it is done by adding the letter g (or gg) after the amount of gold, such as using '100g' to refer to 100 Gold. For larger numbers of gold k for Thousand and mil for Million may be used instead of g. Such as using '5k' for 5,000 Gold or Five-Thousand Gold, or using '1mil' for 1,000,000 Gold or One-Million Gold. Exchange forum will often refer to gold as PURE to indicate they want actual gold and not item trades.


  • The first user to ever break 1,000,000 Gaia Gold (whose name will be held for privacy reasons) had their account locked and put under scrutiny by the Gaia staff. After an investigation, all assumptions were cleared as it was found that the gold was earned legitimately. A personal apology was given by L0cke (a co-founder of Gaia), where he thanked the user for their dedication to the site.
  • There has been many illicit methods for gaining Gaia Gold. The most common is botting, which is refreshing various pages of the site to earn an increments of gold. In order to counter this activity, a CAPTCHA system and 'slow down' warnings were implemented.
  • The first intentional Gold Chance Item released was the GGR (Gold Gold Revolution) Wheel in 2009. This brought up issues of inflation. Far later into the years many gold generators were released, resulting in ire from the community. These generators have also been blamed for the rampant inflation in the marketplace.



  • In an attempt to counter inflation, Gaia Staff created a separate from of currency called platinum.

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