Games is a Gaia Menu Bar feature.


This landing page is accessible by the sixth tab on the menu bar. The layout shows various games to play.

There are a set of bonuses for those who want to collect items and currency. In the header is the 'Daily Treat' tv and 'Cash Tree'; which takes users to a page to watch a video advertisement to receive Gaia Cash. And to the right of the these is the Daily Chance machine.

Gaia Menu BarEdit

Left side

Gaia's Games

  • Lake Kindred - Battle with pets!
  • Play zOMG! - play for free with no download
    • - Learn about zOMG!
    • - zOMG! Community
  • Empire - Build your empire in our featured partner game!
  • Play SmashBlox! - Smash the blox off the board!
  • Play Word Blitz! - Test your speed and spelling!
  • Play Stack Attack! - Clear cards before time's up!

Right side


  • Fishing
  • Tiles
  • Pinball
  • Jigsaw
  • Blackjack
  • Word Bump
  • Dumpster Dive
  • Runway


Landing pageEdit

Left side

At the very top is 'Featured Games', currently it is Lake Kindred. Below that are 'Partnered Games', Legends of Honor and Goodgame Empire. Next is the The Playpen with 'SMASHBLOX, word blitz, and Stack Attack'.

At the bottom is 'Gaia Classic' which features original Gaia games. zOMG!, Towns2, Rally, Jigsaw, Tiles, Towns, Word Bump, Fishing!, Pinball, Dumpster Dive, Electric Love Faktori, Slots, Cards.

Right side

There is a advertisement linking to Map:Prize & Joy with the text "Cash your winnings for rare Gaia items!". Below this is a gaia-ad that will feature a game of interest.

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