In the Welcome to GAIA Forum, you can post a topic welcoming and introducing yourself to other users.

Content Edit

The WTG (an acronym for Welcome to GAIA forum) is mainly comprised of new users. While all new users are welcomed to make a thread for their introduction to Gaia, multiple and "Will you be my friend?" threads are frowned upon. A forum Moderator may move the later topic to the Friends Chat sub forum or the Chatterbox. Multiple or begging threads are usually deleted.

The Welcome to GAIA forum has only one sub forum: the Friends Chat. Despite this, many users make friend threads in the main forum.

Typical Thread Edit

A typical thread in the WTG introduces the thread's maker to the Gaian Community. The threads in the WTG are various degrees of literacy but new users may be overzealous and use way too many smilies or exclamation points.

The thread's make may introduce themselves by stating their real name, where they live, interests, and/or the reason why they joined Gaia.

Typical Response Edit

While new users may welcome other new users with a simple 'Hello' or 'Welcome to Gaia!', the kind older users' responses tend to be more in depth.


Welcome to Gaia, NewUsername! Make sure to look at the forums' stickies and to review the TOS. If you do that, I'm sure that you will have a wonderful time here and make lots of friends!

Sometimes the poster will also include "Feel free to PM me" or "You can add me as a friend."

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