Organization/Military Guilds (Also Known As: The O/M) Edit

"For those guilds that are based around an army, mafia, crime-ring, business-roleplay or similar organizations."

Looking to create a military and start a war? Join a mafia, or crime ring and duke it out for the rights of head honcho in the family? Or maybe just join a business/start a business and climb your way up the corporate ladder. This would be the place to do all that. It's a good place to meet new people, create havoc, and a good starting place for all those just starting into roleplay "warfare" as it's sometimes called.

Note: Roleplay battling is often found here, as well as the occasional romance, drama, mindless zombie war, and newbies hitting each other with sticks.

Moderators: Doji Kurohito, Lord Yawgmoth, Human Cactuar

Where to Start Edit

It's recommended that whether you're a newbie or and oldbie just coming back from a long vacation, to check out the Announcement Thread marked Organization/Military Rules and Requirements. This thread will tell you what the O/M really is about by one of the moderators who was around when it first was created. Also, it explains the requirements for creating a guild, the rules for the "O/M", and how to use the report system.

If you have a question that can't be answered by the Announcement Threads, it's a good bet to check out the Sticky Thread entitled the O/M OOC Thread. Look around for someone who looks like they've been around the O/M for a while, or appears to have totally out of it (most veterans tend to have lost their mind and their hair from sticking around too much).

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