Gaia Guilds: Free For All (Also Known As the FFA) Edit

"For Those Organization/Military-based guilds with a thirst for battle!"

Moderators: Doji Kurohito, Lord Yawgmoth

This subforum of Gaia Guilds was created as a way to sate roleplayers' lust for roleplay fighting. This is a no-holds-barred battle arena, to be blunt, but it also happens to be a good place to hone roleplaying skills, meet new people, and have tons of fun bashing each others' skulls in.

Where to start Edit

Whether you have a question about the Free for All section, or you happen to be a newbie to this section of Gaia Guilds, it is a good suggestion to stop by the Announcement Thread entitled "FFA Rules and Requirements". There, the reader will learn how/what you need to create a guild, and what rules you need to abide by in this subforum (and it is promised that there are very few, so it is probably in everyone's best interest if all those in this subforum follow them). This thread also tells the reader how to attack another guild, or a guild outside of the FFA subforum.

What if my Question wasn't answered by that Thread?

If you have a question that remains unanswered by the Announcement Thread, ask around. Look for people who have been around the FFA for a while, or who do not appear to be slamming themselves into walls or committing suicide by jumping into fights of two against thirty. If they can not answer your question, keep looking around and asking.

Also, if you have issues with another roleplayer, it is best to find out what guild they're from and ask the guildmaster kindly about the issue, and ask for help with that particular roleplayer. If there is a negative response to this from the guildmaster, and the issue is something that is URGENT, it is best to go poke one of the moderators (Editor's Note: Probably Doji would be the best option, considering he appears to be the more active of the two, but this is just personal opinion) and ask them for help with the matter.

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