The Gaia Towns subforum is for discussions relating to Gaia Towns. It has only one sub forum: Gaia Homes. This forum is for threads directly concerning the housing part of Towns.

Content Edit

The Gaia Towns Forum is mainly comprised of Gaians who have a question or theory about towns, many people use it, oldies and newbies. Although problems in Gaia belong in Gaia Forums/GAIA Online/Questions & Assistance|Questions & Assistance, many users use the Gaia Towns forum for problems or bugs in towns.

Uses Edit

While many members use this as a problem thread, others Gaians also use it to recruit other members for a house party, block party, or chess game.

Moderators Edit

The moderators for this forum are (as of August 2008):

Nana_Wing - Site Moderator

terradi - Omni Moderator

Boxed Lunch - Site Moderator

External Links Edit

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