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Gaia Online's Entertainment forum is used to discuss an amalgam of media-related topics. The forum is also host to a plethora of subforums used for other media topics such as Books, Anime, and many others.]


The entertainment forum hosts these subforums:

*[[Entertainment Discussion]]: Used for discussions pertaining to all types of media entertainment.
**[[MTV]]: Used to chat about MTV and Gaia's Virtual Hollywood.
***[[MTV: The Hills]]: Used to chat about MTV's ''The Hills'' television series.
**[[Toys and Collectibles]]: Used to discuss Toys and collectible hobby items.
**[[Books]]: Used for book-related discussion.
**[[Celebrities]]: Used to discuss celebrity-related topics.
**[[Independent/Obscure Movies and Television]]: Used to discuss independently made or little-known movies and television.
**[[Lord of the Rings]]: Used to discuss the ''Lord of the rings'' movies and book series.
**[[Harry Potter]]: Used to discuss the ''Harry Potter'' movies and book series.
*[[Anime/Manga/Comics]]: Used to discuss topics related to anime, manga, comics. and cartoons.
**[[Anime Series and Movies]]: Used to discuss those anime series which have not yet aired on US television.
**[[Manga]]: Used to discuss Asian comics and those Western comics that attempt to follow a manga format.
**[[Cosplay and Conventions]]: used to discuss cosplay choices and real-life Anime-related conferences/events.
**[[TV Anime]]: Used for discussion pertaining to those series which have aired on US television.
**[[Comics Discussion]]: Used to discuss Western Comics
**[[Animation/Cartoons Subforum]]: Used for discussions pertaining to Western animation.
*[[Gaming Discussion]]: Used to discuss all forms of gaming.
**[[Halo Wars]]: Used for discussion pertaining to the ''Halo Wars'' game.
**[[Ragnarok Online]]: Used to discuss the MMORPG ''Ragnarok Online''
**[[Final Fantasy]]: Used to discuss the ''Final Fantasy'' series.
**[[Fighting Games]]: Used to discuss various fighting games.
**[[Table-Top Gaming]]: Used to discuss Table-top RPGs, card games and board games.
*[[Computers and Technology]]: Used to help others which technological issues.
**[[C&T Tech-Talk]]: Used to discuss various gadgets and technology.
*[[Sports]]: Used to discuss various sports/sporting events.
**[[Professional Wrestling]]: Used to discuss professional wrestlers and events.
**[[Entertainment Sports]]: Used to discuss alternative sports and the activities that support them.

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