Gaia Online has many '''Forums''', they have been the focus around the site for many of Gaia's years. ==Directory== {| !style="text-align: left;"|[[Image:Forumcat_gaia.gif|left]][[Gaia Forums/Gaia|Gaia]] !style="text-align: left;"|[[Image:Forumcat_gcd.gif|left]][[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community|GAIA Community]] !style="text-align: left;"|[[Image:Forumcat_entertainment.gif|left]][[Gaia Forums/Entertainment|Entertainment]] |- |style="vertical-align: top;"| * [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Announcements|Announcements]] * [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Welcome to GAIA|Welcome to GAIA]] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Welcome to GAIA/Friends Chat|Friends Chat]] * [ General Discussion] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/General Discussion/Word Games and others|Word Games and others]] ** [ Life Issues] * [ Extended Discussion] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Extended Discussion/Politics|Politics]] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Extended Discussion/Science and Technology|Science and Technology]] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Extended Discussion/Morality and Religion|Morality and Religion]] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Extended Discussion/Sociology and Psychology|Sociology and Psychology]] * [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Questions & Assistance|Questions & Assistance]] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Questions & Assistance/Bug Reports & Technical Support|Bug Reports & Technical Support]] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Questions & Assistance/Avatar System 3.0 Q&F|Avatar System 3.0 Q&F]] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Questions & Assistance/Gaia Guides and Resources|Gaia Guides and Resources]] * [ Site Feedback] ** [[Gaia Forums/Gaia/Site Feedback/Petitions|Petitions]] |style="vertical-align: top;"| * [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion|Gaia Community Discussion]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Gaia Quest System|Gaia Quest System]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Avatar Talk|Avatar Talk]] *** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Avatar Talk/The Dressing Room|The Dressing Room]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Art Arena Discussion|Art Arena Discussion]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Writing Arena Discussion|Writing Arena Discussion]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Homes Arena Discussion|Homes Arena Discussion]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Avatar Arena|Avatar Arena]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Gaia Towns|Gaia Towns]] *** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Gaia Towns/Gaia Homes|Gaia Homes]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Profile Discussion|Profile Discussion]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Gaia Community Discussion/Gaia Community Projects|Gaia Community Projects]] * [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Registered Guilds|Registered Guilds]] * [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Barton Town|Barton Town]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Barton Town/University/School RolePlay|University/School RolePlay]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Barton Town/The Gaian Neighborhood|The Gaian Neighborhood]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Barton Town/Series-related/Miscellaneous Role Play|Series-related/Miscellaneous Role Play]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Barton Town/Barton OOC|Barton OOC]] * [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/GAIA Commerce|GAIA Commerce]] * [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/GAIA Guilds|GAIA Guilds]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/GAIA Guilds/Guild Role Playing|Guild Role Playing]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/GAIA Guilds/Organization/Military-Based Guilds|Organization/Military-Based Guilds]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/GAIA Guilds/Entertainment-Based Guilds|Entertainment-Based Guilds]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/GAIA Guilds/Interest-based Guilds|Interest-based Guilds]] ** [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/GAIA Guilds/Free For All|Free For All]] * [[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Chatterbox|Chatterbox]] **[[Gaia Forums/GAIA Community/Chatterbox/Recycle Bin|Recycle Bin]] |style="vertical-align: top;"| *Entertainment Discussion **Toys & Collectibles **Books **Celebrities **Independent/Obscure Movies & Television **Lord of the Rings **Harry Potter *[[Anime/Manga/Comics]] **Anime Series & Movies **TV Anime **Manga **Comics Discussion **Cosplay and Conventions **Anime & Game Music **Animation/Cartoons *Gaming Discussion **RAGNAROK Online **Final Fantasy **Fighting Games **Table-Top Gaming *Music **Metal **Classical/Jazz/Blues **Rap/Hiphop/R&B **International **Electronic **Independent Music **Country/Bluegrass/Folk *Computers & Technology **C&T Tech-Talk *Sports **Entertainment Sports and Games |- !style="text-align: left;"|[[Image:Forumcat_gaming.gif|left]]GAIA Gaming !style="text-align: left;"|[[Image:Forumcat_art.gif|left]]Artist's Corner !Studio XD |- |style="vertical-align: top;"| *GAIA Gaming Discussion **GAIA Fishing! *Gaia Towns **GAIA Homes *Mini Shops **Requests and Commissions ***R&C Auctions **Breedable/Changing Pets ***Breedable/Changing Pets Roleplay **Art Freebies **Pricing, Assistance, and Suggestions **Personalized Graphics **Services *The GAIA Exchange **Lotto/Money Games **Charity/Quests **Wanted **Gaia Marketplace Discussion **Game Item Exchange |style="vertical-align: top;"| *Art Discussion **Promotions **Textiles and Crafts **Musician's Forum **Comic Creators **Performing Arts *Picture Post **Works in Progress **Art Contests *Writers **Original Poetry/Lyricism **Original Stories/Prose **Fanfiction **Collaborative works **Writing Contests |style="vertical-align: top;"| *General XD **Announcements *UDON Comics |- !style="text-align: left;"|[[Image:Forumcat_misc.gif|left]]MISC Forums !colspan="2"|Gaia Events |- |style="vertical-align: top;"| *Test Forum *Memorable Threads **Easter Egg Hunt **Annual Gaia Ball **Halloween Party *Gaia Polls |style="vertical-align: top;"| *Gaia Anniversary Ball *First Gaia Olympics *GAIA Second Anniversary Ball **Salon **The Southern Spire **The Eastern Spire **Study **The Northern Spire **Tea Room **The Western Spire *Halloween Bash **Main Ballroom **Kitchen **Bathrooms **Attic **The Gardens **Guard House **The Pier and Beach **Basement **Secret Underground Test Facility |style="vertical-align: top;"| *Halloween Bash 2k5 **Main Ballroom **The Kitchen **The Bathrooms **The Attic **The Attic **The Old Guard House **The Pier and Beach **The Basement **Underground Testing Facility *Third Annual Gaia Ball *Easter 2005 **Salon **The Southern Spire **The Eastern Spire **Study **The Northern Spire **Tea Room **The Western Spire |} <div style="font-style: italic; text-align: center; width: 100%;"><br /><br />All forum articles are listed in the [[:Category:Gaia Forums|Gaia Forums]] category.</div>

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