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Dumpster Dive is an open charity feature that was announced nearing the end of 2010, its testing phase was in January 2011. Its basic concept is described by Gaia Developers as a 'Goodwill store except one does not have to pay for anything. As users delete items, they go to the dumpster, then they'll have the chance to dive in and get a free item'. With the implication of this feature, the trash option was removed, thus rendering only the option to donate, some Users disliked the removal of the trash option as trashing allowed a large influx of items to be removed and not circulated. Feedback for the feature was positive, though more ideas have been suggested to balance out how it functions. On may 12th, the ability to trash items was restored. On July 28, an update was made to connect the Dumpster output with the Daily Chance, when donations are low, users would get a certain number of daily chance dives per day. The percentage bar was removed, so diving can be done when ever, although the five minute period still stands. Later the feature will have a mini event wherein exclusive will be released.

The dumpster allows items priced from Gold3.gif1k to Gold3.gif500k in Gold, and the same item can be donated in bulk. When the dumpster is full, items can not be donated. Users can dive for items once every five minutes.


One Gaian's Trash is Another Gaian's Treasure!

DumpsterDive with-PeteStanding
DumpsterDive with-PeteDiving


  • The man next to the dumpster is Old Pete, a hobo-tramp who was introduced October 2009 during the time adult Timmy was on a spiritual journey, he accompanied Timmy on his journey only because he liked him. But soon wandered off and headed toward a mountain sanctuary.
  • Old Pete also appears in the downloadable game When Gods Fall, released in December 2009. In this game Pete offers his wisdom to former demi gods The Overseer and The Sentinel, who at time time were homeless. In this game the action of dumpster diving is being done.
  • The writing on the dumpster reads: Caution - Do not play on, in, or around this container, another is Aekea 9674 UNE, and in black letters the word TRASH. Behind the dumpster on the brick wall is graffiti of a Grunny, next to its head are the words "Grunny Face!!". Next to the grunny is more graffiti, however, this is hard to read due to the glow from the dumpster and the style of writing.
  • During the April Fools 2k11 event, the item Cat Faces was obtainable by dumpster diving.


DumpsterDive OldPete standing
Dumster Closed
Dumster Open Pete Diving
DumpsterDive background
DumpsterDive locked
I seen a bee kill a horse twice. Same horse.
DumpsterDive locked-withSign
Can't remember what's in this bag... y'want some?
DumpsterDive itemFound
DumpsterDive pete-stop
This item is considered rare. Are you sure you want to donate (item)?

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"One Gaian's trash is another Gaian's treasure!"
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