Gaia Anniversary Items refer to items released during an Gaia Anniversary event in the month of February. These items are obtained by simply being presenting during the event or participating in the event's activities.

Types of ItemsEdit

  • Party favors - These refer to themed items received from Gaia NPCs, such as Shopkeepers. Party favors date back to 2004.
  • Faction items - These refer to items stylized after a character group, such as the Gambinos or the Von Helsons. This dates back to 2005.
  • Shop items - Stocked in shops, these are items released for the sake of the season or for the theme of the event. Unlike event items they cost gold, stickers, or cash.

Misc. typesEdit

  • Sponsor items - These are items that relate to sponsorships that are present on Gaia Online.
  • GoFusion items - These are items gotten through the GoFusion feature. They cost charms.


  • Anniversary 2004-2005 - The G Pin which was originally a 2004 item, was handed out again in 2005 for reasons unknown, it is speculation that it was to counter the V Pin as the "G" symbol represents the Gambino Family. This was the first event item to be re-released, and doing so caused some owners of the original pin to be upset.
  • Anniversary 2006 - Although involvement of the NPCs handing out the items was the highlight of the 3rd Anniversary, the G Shades were not well received.
  • Anniversary 2009 - The most controversial anniversary because when the Gaia Anniversary Sash was first handed out, they were well received, but upon discovering that the Sashes were soulbound- a backlash developed.
    • Some of the notable feedbacks: Not getting the color wanted, Not getting the year wanted (due to re-registering in a different year), Not being able to collect sashes, That sashes with earlier years would cause elitism, and The dislike of soulbinding in general.
    • When some Users protested about not wanting their sash and wanted a choice of trashing it the Developers tacked on the sellback option, however, this also brought backlash due to the sashes having different sellback values.
    • The artist of the Evolving Item, Fremere's Guard, parodied the reaction of the Community by having the "Fremere's Elite Party Sash", a rainbow themed sash, as a pose.
    • What the Developers and Artists intended the sashes to be was a special gift to Gaians, thus the prevention of selling or trading was placed upon it.
  • Anniversary 2010 - When the slippers of Radio Jack and Phee-Chan (a companion in the Item:Magical Girl Monthly Collectible), some Gaians wondered why it was present. Juno, a former staffer, stated that both characters are 'rabbit-like creatures'. And given that it was the seventh anniversary at the time the number seven was considered a lucky number.[1]


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