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Gaia 9 Action News is the Gaian News show hosted by Cindy Donovinh and her cameraman Mike. They participate actively in distributing information on plot updates. The Gaia Newsroom was created to archive a text account of previous Gaia Storyline happenings, it has since stopped being updated in 2007, and on July 14, 2011, due to Gaia 9 Action News page being unused four years and being observe to Gaians, it was redirected to the Manga Archieve, thus removed from the site.

The Gaia Action 9 Newsletters are usually sent by email, these newsletters give information to upcoming features, events or happenings around the site, they also held Monthly Collectible hints. But due to some issues with email service, sometime the Newsletters were not always received, and an alternate solution was made by posting the Newsletters in the Gaia News & Updates forum. Although posting them in the forum gave everyone a chance to view the contents, some Gaians missed out on getting 100g from clicking the hidden Bape Cow.


  • In manga #0: The Rise of Gambino, Cindy's relative, Gregory Donovinh is seen interviewing Johnny Gambino.

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