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Gaia Online's 9th Anniversary took place on February 3, 2012 and was announced February 17, 2012.


Marking Gaia Online's 9th year of being an Online Avatar Community. A forum was created for Gaians to chat in.

Gaia Anniversary 2012


[NPC] admin: AnnouncementEdit

  • Feb 17 Happy Anniversary from Gaia Online! [1]

Can you believe Gaia's been around for nine years? It's incredible that this company-- founded in a dirt-floored shack by a gaggle of filthy children-- has grown into the worldwide anime hat phenomenon it is today. We owe it all to the incredible community that's guided our progress, encouraged our madness and funded our art for nearly a decade.

The Gaia team has set up a little thread to thank you all for supporting us. As a small token of our appreciation, we're also giving away a free anniversary item-- and if you look closely at the thread, you may even find a little something extra hidden among our posts.

Visit The Anniversary Thread!

Lanzer: AnnouncementEdit

  • Feb 10 Happy 9th Year Anniversary! [2]

Gaia's on it's 9th year! Time flies when you're having fun, and in the blink of an eye we're on our 9th year. Thank you everyone for supporting us and making Gaia the fun site that it is! You breathe life into the site and we're happy that you make our effort worthwhile.

Last year we had a greAt time with many great features as well as one of the best Halloween events to date, and for the coming year we'll continue to focus on core features to make Gaia a better place for hanging out and having fun.

Have a great time at the anniversary event!

Claim Your Gift!

Event ItemsEdit

  • Gaia 9th Anniversary Scarf - Happy 9th birthday Gaia!


  • The forum for the event was created on the 3rd of February.
  • During the opening of the announcement thread Gaia Staff and Moderators posted their anniversary messages about Gaia, some of the messages contained bold letters that were intended to spell out a secret message link once figured out.
    • The letters were A V A R L R N E F U N X G U R C Y N A R G H - When put through a Caesar Cipher where N = A, the message is "nineyearshacktheplanet".
    • Users quickly figured out to type "" and they were granted the "Nerd" Gaia Achievements badge.

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