Guild Owner   = [NPC] Gambino's Memorial 
(formerly, Johnny K. Gambino) Total Members = 13 Total Posts = 123 Entry Fee = 0 Forum Type = Private Established on = Oct 18 2004 Guild Account = 0 Crew = [NPC] LabTech909 and [NPC] LabTech101

The G CORP Guild is connected to the events of Halloween 2k4 and the establishment of the G CORP company; it was run by Johnny K. Gambino and consist of LabTech members.



G CORP is the world's largest manufacturer of biological medicines and advanced technology.

G CORP sits on the forefront of our world's scientific, economical, and military advances.



G CORP Rules & RegulationsEdit

Welcome to G CORP.


1) Never question your superiors.

2) SECRET projects are not to be discussed outside of the G CORP facilities.

3) Lab Animals/Test Subjects are not to be hand fed under ANY circumstances.

4) If any G CORP employee is acting peculiarly, immediately report him/her to a G CORP superior.

5) If you are feeling under the weather, or exhibit any signs of illness, immediately report to the nearest decontamination kiosk.

6) Smiles are free.

As a G CORP Employee, the following behavior is expected of you. Any deviation from these rules and regulations will be dealt with accordingly by G CORP Punitive Staff.

Have a nice day.


*Announcement: G CORP Rules & Regulations 
*Sticky: [ Poll ]  [[G CORP's Direction]] 
*[[LabTech101#Journal_of_LabTech101|Journal of LabTech101]]
*[[LabTech912#Journal_of_LabTech912|Journal of LabTech912 (the cute one...)]] 
*[[LabTech138#Journal_of_LabTech138|Journal of LabTech138]] 
*[[LabTech126#Journal_of_LabTech126|Journal of LabTech126]] 
*[[LabTech137#Journal_of_LabTech137|Journal of LabTech137]] 
*[[LabTech247#Journal_of_LabTech247|Journal of LabTech247]] 
*[[LabTech722#Journal_of_LabTech722|Journal of LabTech722]] 
*[[LabTech909#Journal_of_LabTech909|Journal of LabTech909]] 
*[[LabTech062#Journal_of_LabTech062|Journal of LabTech062]] 
*[[LabTech123#Journal_of_LabTech123|Journal of LabTech123]] 
*[[LabTech957#Journal_of_LabTech957|Journal of LabTech957]] 
*[[LabTech957#Come_see_my_Home_Internet_Theatre.21.2111|Come see my Home Internet Theatre!!11]] 
*[[LabTech013#Journal_of_LabTech013|Journal of LabTech013]] 
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