"You've released a new feature I don't even want. Correct?"
— GCD McSourface to NPC:admin. - GcdMcSourface comc

GCD McSourface is an original character introduced on 2007 October 25, he was created by a Gaian named, DrunkenStyle. He is a satirical creation that is reminder (and mocker) about how one can be too passionate about Gaia Online. One could say he is now a Gaia meme. The character showed up on Gaia Online in a thread that was originally in Gaia Community Discussion forum and reached 94 pages before it was moved to the Chatterbox forum on 2008 September 19.

The creator of GCD McSourface stated the thread was CB'd because people kept bringing it up with every update Gaia had.



Passionate and easily angered.

As well as stubborn and hard to reason with.


He has short cut brown hair, bloodshot eyes and light skin, his face is stressed with veins. The cat on McSourface's shoulder is the CoCo Kitty Plushie. His attire consist of the MC items: Western Zodiac with the (Virgo's Crown) pose; Angelic Scarf and Winged Anklets.


Hair trigger rage.


It begins with GCD McSourface is typing on his computer, when admin shows up and cheerfully announces that new features and free items have been released. McSourface turns towards her and angrily shouts at her about this. Admin meekly looks at him and doesn't understand why he is angry, so McSourface tells her that "You've released a new feature I don't even want. Correct?"

Admin explains that there was a petition for the feature and she just wanted to make the website happy and enjoyable for everyone. McSourface responds to this by claiming she is greedy and he would have preferred the battle system instead. Then continues on about wanting Old Gaia, when it was simply a forum. He then rants about anime fans and disliking new items.

Admin replies that she still doesn't understand the problem, and that Gaia is becoming more than just a forum, and that no new features or items are being forced upon him. McSourface responds to this by punching admin in the face and yelling that "you never listen to people!!!". Then tells her how much Gaia sucks. He gets so enraged that he pops a vein and foams at the mouth.


Anything and everything Gaia Online © related.

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  • Icon threadThread zOMG! NEW GAIA SUCKS!! F*CK NEW GAIA GRRRGJHGHGLRHGLJ - DrunkenStyle Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:09 pm

Sorry for the size. :< Smallest I can get while still being able to read the text clearly. If you can't read the text let me know and I'll link a larger version.

GAIATARDS! You know you're one of them. And if you're not, you know tons of other GCDers who are.


Who's the character in the comic? His name is GCD McSourface. He loves Gaia with a PASSION. The only thing is, that kind of passion is too...PASSIONATE. But can there be a limit? Can passion turn into a bitchfest? GCD McSourface is very high-strung, he hasn't gotten any fresh air in days. :<

Lately I've seen a lot of understanding GCDers compared to earlier this year, however there's still a lot of negativity to the max against what Gaia's doing.

So hey, how "passionate" are you about Gaia? Do you get so caught up and get so high strung that you realize what you're doing and go outside in the fresh air and ride a bike? Or are you a fanboy/girl and absolutely LOVE ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about Gaia and defend it against people who are on the opposite side of the passion spectrum? Do you fit any of said stereotypes and/or try not to?

And try not to pop a vein.

EDIT: Didn't know it was gonna be a hit. @3@;;; Thanks a lot! Feel free to link/mess with my shit, whoever wanted to ask me.


  • Null Fluff Plushie has a McSourface look to it.
  • The Evolving Item called Fremere's Guard, contains a McSourface mask. The title of the pose is called "Fremere's Copyright Infringement".
  • During Summer 2011, there was a hidden emote released called mcsourface.


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  • Icon threadThread zOMG! NEW GAIA SUCKS!! F*CK NEW GAIA GRRRGJHGHGLRHGLJ - DrunkenStyle Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:09 pm

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