GCD McSourface is a personification of Gaia Online members.


An original character created by a Gaian named DrunkenStyle. It is a satirical creation that is reminder (and mocker) about how one can be too passionate about Gaia Online as a whole. The character showed up in a thread that was originally in Gaia Community Discussion forum and reached 94 pages before it was moved to the Chatterbox forum on 2008 September 19. The creator of GCD McSourface stated the thread was CB'd because people kept bringing it up with every update Gaia had.

The appearance of McSourface has short cut brown hair, bloodshot eyes and light skin, his face is stressed with veins. The cat on McSourface's shoulder is the CoCo Kitty Plushie. His attire consist of the MC items: Western Zodiac with the (Virgo's Crown) pose; Angelic Scarf and Winged Anklets.

Feature timelineEdit

  • Oct 25 - Creation of GCD McSourface
  • Sep 19 - McSourface thread is sent to Chatterbox



  • Null Fluff Plushie has a McSourface look to it.
  • The Evolving Item called Fremere's Guard, contains a McSourface mask. The title of the pose is called "Fremere's Copyright Infringement".
  • During Summer 2011 there was a hidden emote released called mcsourface.

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