Gaia 9 Action News, Cindy Donovinh reporting on the Events of 2013.

Gaia 9 Action News Update!Edit

  • Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:34 pm (Announced 27th)

Cindy Donovinh here, reporting a shocking Gaia 9 Action news exclusive! According to an anonymous tipster, Gaians will soon have the chance to donate their gold towards something big. Really, really big. Apparently, donations are going to go towards funding some sort of grand gala for Gaians, although that was all our source was able to say. This nameless source also provided a blurry photograph that we've since zoomed in on and enhanced, and we feel it's safe to say that it's some sort of "reward" system for generous donators. Ten thousand gold gets you an item, one hundred thousand gold nets an achievement, donators who contribute a million -- Darn it! I know it's unprofessional, but I can't make out the text here... Something about a boost to your... help and enerpi? No, that can't be right. I guess we'll just have to move on. Donations of ten million gold enters the generous Gaian into a drawing for a special poster signed by some very important people, and those kind enough to donate 100 million gold get entered into a drawing to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to have their avatar put into an event comic! There's also mention of "global rewards" but I've got to be perfectly honest with you, I can barely make a word of it out. Something about teams, items, raising caps? I'm not entirely sure what any of this really means, but that's never stopped me from reporting a huge news story before! Unfortunately, the tipster wasn’t able to provide any further specifics, but this intrepid reporter can only assume that our immediate future involves sea mammals, underground tunnels, and catnip. For Gaia 9 Action news, this is Cindy Donovinh, reporting live.

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