Gaia 9 Action News, Cindy Donovinh reporting on the Events of 2007.

Zurg Leave GaiaEdit

By Cindy Donovinh

In a shocking turn of events, the Zurg have fled Gaia after escalating violence between the Zurg brothers ended in bloodshed.

According to onlookers, Zurg 11 found the beloved and simple Zurg 02, who was still delivering Xmas gifts, seemingly unaware that the holiday had been over for months. 11 attempted to apologize to 02 for treating him so poorly in the past, but 02 refused to acknowledge him; witnesses report that 11 attempted to warn him that their brother 09, shot down months before, had become extremely dangerous after being revived by the Zurg Mother.

09 interrupted the reunion and began to rant angrily, threatening violence against 11...

Please join us Return of 09|here for an eyewitness account of the conclusion to this story.

Edmund AttackedEdit

By Cindy Donovinh

Reports have surfaced that Edmund, proprietor of the H.R. Wesley boutique in Durem, has been attacked in his home by an unknown gunman. Evidence suggests that Edmund escaped unharmed after the attack; no blood was found on the scene, and witnesses report seeing a man matching Edmund's description headed toward the Gambino Mansion. Sources close to the situation suggest that this attack may have been carried out by the same sniper who shot both Johnny K. Gambino and shopkeeper Ian in recent years.

It is unknown whether this attack is related to Edmund's recent pleas for help in what he described as a life-or-death matter; recently, he solicited Gaians for help in gathering garlic and rare black orchids from local shops. His intended use for these items is unclear. It may be no coincidence that the Von Helson sisters, long thought to have been killed in the collapse of the Tower of Gambino, resurfaced at the same time and began asking for monetary donations to rebuild their empire. Tensions between the Von Helsons and Johnny Gambino (a close friend of Edmund's) have been boiling for several years.

A full account of the story can be found Convergence|here

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