Gaia 9 Action News, Cindy Donovinh reporting on the Events of 2004.

Halloween '04Edit

By Cindy Donovinh

The Halloween party of business magnate Johnny K. Gambino erupted in terror as the outbreak of a mysterious virus caused the dead to rise up and attack the living. The party was disrupted by the arrival of several of Gambino's own LabTech team, scientists who work in his highly secretive G-Corp laboratory. The LabTechs had apparently become infected with the virus that they were attempting to synthesize, and began exhibiting bizarre and violent behavior. Several Gaians were bitten by the infected LabTechs, causing a massive outbreak of "G-Virus" within the Gambino Mansion. Gambino issued shotguns to those partygoers lucky enough to avoid infection, and a brief battle was waged between the infected "zombies" and the uninfected Gaians.

With the battle growing increasingly hopeless, G-Corp security chief Bucho was called in to put a permanent end to the situation. Bucho deployed an explosive, virus-killing superweapon known as the Silent Flash, which obliterated the Gambino mansion. Those infected Gaians survived who the blast were cured by the mysterious vials of liquid that a man known as LabTech X sold prior to this event, which raises questions of whether some employees of G-Corp knew in advance that this outbreak would occur.

File:H2k4 gambino escape.jpg

Tragically, Gambino's son and sole heir, Gino Gambino, has been missing since the explosion; he is presumed dead.

Xmas '04Edit

By Cindy Donovinh

In what some might call an Xmas miracle, Johnny Gambino has been reunited with his son, Gino. After a months-long search, Gambino had reportedly become despondent, fearing that he had lost his son forever. Eyewitness accounts reveal that Gambino was on the brink of committing suicide by leaping into the chilly reservoir at the Durem Reclamation Facility; at the last minute, his son appeared and saved him from certain doom.

How Gino Gambino managed to escape from the carnage at the infamous Gambino Mansion Halloween Party is unknown; doctors have concluded that some trauma, mental or physical, has caused Gino to lose his memory. Whether Gino will recover from his amnesia is unknown.

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