Frozen DessertEdit

Frozen Dessert: Buttercup CafeEdit

A delicious ice cream sundae, eat it before it melts! COME ON, it's getting all over your nice clean shirt! (1800 gold)

  • Sweet Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae
  • Sweet Peach Ice Cream Sundae
  • Sweet Mint Ice Cream Sundae
  • Sweet Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae

Delicious, refreshing, and intentionally misspelled. (2100 gold)

  • Frostee Treets Chocolate Softee
  • Frostee Treets Vanilla Softee
  • Frostee Treets Softee Twist
  • Frostee Treets Tangerine Dreempop
  • Frostee Treets Choco-Vanilla Dreempop
  • Frostee Treets Lemon Kiki Dreempop
  • Frostee Treets Choco Coco Dreempop
  • Frostee Treets Green Apple Grunny Dreempop
  • Frostee Treets Atomic Dreempop
  • Frostee Treets Rainbow Ice

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