The Friends Chat is the one and only subforum of the Welcome to Gaia forum.

Use Edit

The Friends Chat subforum is used to bring together Gaians of a similar interest together. It can also be used to find friends.

Most of the longest-running threads in the Friends Chat unite Gaians with the same favorite movie, favorite band, favorite TV show, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or age.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Threads Edit

The Friends Chat subforum used to flame those who made a "Looking for a BF/GF" thread. Those users were regarded as n00bs and were usually mocked by the other posters of the thread.

Eventually the Moderator terradi made a sticky titled 'Etiquette: Looking for a Boyfriend/Girlfriend threads', which states that users are to respect the makers of those threads. As a result of this, there is little to no flaming in the Friends Chat these days. BF/GF threads' makers are usually wished 'Good luck' instead.

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