Forum Assistant  n. (fohr-uh m  uh-sis-tuh nt) [1]

  1. A person who assists or gives aid and support; helper.
  2. Also known as: FA(s)
  3. Formerly known as: GAIA Helpers, Forum Helpers, Helpers, Moderator Assistants


The Forum Assistants are people who assist in the Gaia Forums on the Gaia Online website. They are volunteers and work from their own home. Their usernames are done in pink with the word Forum Assistant under their username. They are responsible primarily for thread moving and and simple assistance.



Conceptualized in January 2005, Forum Assistants (known then Gaia Helpers), were set to be an addition to the Moderator staff and their future tasks would be to move threads to another forum at users request or through reports.[2] While testing out the updated feature for moderators, it was speculated that some of the moderators were using mules.[3][4] Later in late March and April, Gaia staff did trials by inviting active Gaians to train as helpers.[5]

From 2005 to mid 2007, the helpers had no assigned color, their names were simply black (the same color as a regular Gaian). This later changed in July 2007 were helpers were given a green color, and their name changed to Moderator Assistants. In July 2009 to distinguish them even more, the usernames became pink and their title changed to Forum Assistant.

Starting in June 2013, one could finally apply to become an FA(Forum Assistant). The requirements and such were posted in a Gaia blog post


  • Forum Assistants can eventually become Moderators if they pass their training and or want to continue.


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