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Does anyone know when Gaia will be back online? Because on my computer it's been down for a little over a day.

Gaia is perfectly fine... though technically... this isn't the place to ask... Dantman (Talk) 16:37, 30 November 2006 (UTC)

having problems

I know that this is "technically not the place to talk about this", but for some reason for the last several days, I have not been able to enter gaia online's website. I registered and was on for awhile, then left and tried to come back the next day. for about 4 or 5 days now, whenever I try to view the site, I get the "this page cannot be displayed" message. I know my internet connection is fine. So, I was wondering if others are having problems too, or if someone could direct me to another gaia website (not affiliated with so I could get some assistance. Thanks.

Are you using Opera? Gaia doesn't like page refreshers, and the Opera browser has one built into it. I wasn't able to register a mule using Opera, awhile ago. But I logged in this morning using Firefox and got Daily Chance items. Hmm.

Mine keeps saying : Slow down, hotshot! You've been loading pages too fast, and our system doesn't like it. Take a break for a few minutes so we can catch up! This is not a ban. Come back in a little while, ok?

And A lot of people are having this problem and havn't been able to get on in a long time.

It won't even let you view the main page.

What's the deal?

Gaia is down...just for me?

    I've been searching the internet for answers and found people had the same
problem as me. Gaiaonline is the ONLY page on the Internet not loading
for me anymore. It's been like this for a little over a week now. I thought Gaia
was down until my friends said they were able to go to the site, log in,
and everything else just fine. I found out Gaia works on another computer
in my house. So this is very strange and irritating to me. Don't tell
me I might have it blocked because it isn't. I just want it to work
again on this computer.

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