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This article is about the Gaia Online forums, if you are looking for the article on Wikia Forums then you should head to Help:Forum.

Forum  n. (fawr-uh m, fohr-uh m) [1]

  1. meeting place for the discussion of questions of public interest.
  2. Also called online forum, Internet forum, Web forum. message board.


Forums are an essential feature of Gaia Online; it is how its staffers and community members communicate and interact with one another.


Personal linksEdit

Above and below the forum topics section is a personal section for users.

  • My Topics - Here users can access their own thread creation history. A user's thread history is public to both registered users and guests.
  • Subscribed Threads - Here users can access threads that they have subscribed to. A user's subscription page is private and only the user of the account can access it.
  • My Posts - Here users can access their own posting history. A user's posting history is public to both registered users and guest.
  • Safety Tips - Gaia Online Safety Tips

Forum TopicsEdit

There are seven forum topics in total and each have their own set of subforums.

  • Hot Topics - What's hot now
  • Gaia Online - Talk & learn about Gaia
  • Gaia Community - Meet your fellow gaians
  • Gaia Gaming - Games, goodies, & more
  • Entertainment - All things entertainment
  • Artist's Corner - Show all your creativity
  • Misc - Forums for fancy people


Below the forum topics are Gaia Online's stats.

  • Who is Online? - # users. (# visible, # hidden, # guests).
  • Gaia has # articles posted with # registered users.
  • Most users ever online was # on Day Month Date, Year Time.

Types of ForumsEdit

  • Announcements forum - This forum is only accessible to those with administrator access, mainly the Gaia Staff and Gaia NPCs.
  • Discussions forum - These are forums for the users to create and post in.
  • Blog forum - This forum is accessible to those with administrator access and is for Gaia Staff and Gaians (by request) to make community threads.
  • Archive forums - These are for removed forums and threads that become inaccessible to users for posting purposes.


  • According to Gaia's stats section, the site's forums have over 2 billion posted articles and over 26 million registered users. The last recording of the most logged in users was March 27, 2014- with over 500 thousand users.

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  1. link

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