Sales Event is a Gaia Online event.


These types of events are meant to announce sales happening in the Cash Shop, primarily the Map:La Victoire, about various Premium Items of the past. The first item sales were for Black Friday Items in 2010 and the second were the Flash Sale Items in 2013.

While the announcements were usually carried out by NPC:Jet & Cygnus there were a few announcements by Staff Notices, posted by different staff. For a time, when a Flash Sale announcement wasn't given, a pop-up would appear instead, these were called 'Special Pop-up Offers'.



  • In 2013, NPC:Gaia-sama, a counterpart of NPC:Gaia-tan, become a Black Friday sales mascot.
  • Flash Sale events were done when Gaia Online had a new CEO and a new set of staff. There hasn't been a 'flash' sale since 2014 of January.

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