Fitness Camp aka Camp Fitness, was a camp that was in the Summer 2k9: Camp Chaos event. For this 2009 Summer event there were no winners.

Promo Edit

Looking to shed a few pounds and build some muscle? Fitness Camp will get you into fighting shape with rigorous exercise, dieting and healthy living.

Are you sure you want to join Fitness Camp? Once you pick a camp, you're there all summer.

Team Leader(s) Edit

For certain events, there is an NPC Rep.

  • Counselors for Fitness Camp - Liam and Sasha

Notable prizes & Related itemsEdit

  • Fitness Camp Windbreaker - A stylish windbreaker that simply says, "I'm so strong I break wind."
  • Fitness Camp Weighted Gloves - A strong and sleek pair of gloves, with added weights for a more powerful workout.
  • Fitness Camp Diet Food - The staple of a healthy diet: a few sparse vegetables. As a terrifying contrast, it also includes a pose showcasing your former diet.
  • Camp Chaos Secret Stage Sash - This beautiful sash stands as a glowing record of your many summer camp accomplishments. Thankfully, it omits all of the shameful indignities you suffered.
  • Fitness Camp Bodybuilder - All your hard work and exercise has paid off: you're now a disgusting mound of muscles.


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