Months of the year.

February is the second month of the year. It is the shortest month and the only month with the length of twenty-eight days (twenty-nine in leap years). (source)

Real world observationsEdit

  • In the Northern Hemisphere it is a cold month.
  • In the Southern Hemisphere it is a warm month.
  • February's birth flower is the violet (Viola) and the common primrose (Primula vulgaris).
  • February's birthstone is the amethyst. It symbolizes piety, humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity.
  • February's zodiac signs are Aquarius (until February 19) and Pisces (February 20 onwards).

Gaia Online observationsEdit

  • February 08 - Chinese New Year
  • February 14 - Valentine's Day
  • February 18 - Gaia Online's Anniversary
  • February 29 - Leap Day

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