In recent times, fanthreads have formed around items, users, and NPCs alike, amassing huge amounts of fans.

NPC FansEdit

Many users are fans of specific Gaia NPCs, due to factors such as their involvement in recent plotline events or just their appearance.

Grunny FansEdit

One of the most popular figures is the zombie rabbit from the Halloween events in 2004 and 2005, named "Grunny." Grunny is a green zombie rabbit that was part of the H2K4 plot, and currently has a huge fanbase. Even the admins have recognized this, adding Grunny desktop backgrounds available for download, as well as a "Grunny" theme to the new profile system. Grunny also played a large role in H2K5, the main game being to hunt an army of Grunnys in the Gambino Mansion (the owner of the mansion being conveniently absent).

Gambino FansEdit

Among the other NPCs, the only NPC that could contend with Grunny in terms of sheer popularity is Gino Gambino. Several threads ranging from threads concerned for his safety (For the time when he was missing) to harems dedicated to the sole purpose of obsessing over Gino have emerged as very popular hangouts in the community. Johnny K. Gambino has similar fame, but he does not have as many fan threads. Gambino's rivals, The Von Helson Sisters, crushed under a massive tower in a fairly recent subplot, have significantly less fame and popularity. Many times when a poll of popularity has been released on the home page, Gambino has led by a significant margin over the Von Helson Sisters. Their whereabouts are unknown as well, but fewer are concerned.

Other NPC FanthreadsEdit

Other NPCs have fanbases as well, such as Ian; in response to his popularity, he has been featured in recent plot updates as an ambiguously malicious character. A NPC portrayed as Ian's rival, Liam, provides drama for the fanbase.

Fans of UsersEdit

Fanboys and fangirls are also common of certain users. These users are usually very popular over one or more forums, usually have expensive avatars, and frequently have high post counts or early join dates. Moderators and especially Administrators have huge followings as well. If an admin happens to make an appearance in a thread or in towns, it causes a huge positive uproar among the users. Similarly, if an admin is ever shown to be Online, it is not uncommon to find threads suspicious that those admins are up to something, such as testing a new feature.

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