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Fake Egg is considered a Gaia Forums scam.


Scam exaplainedEdit

The fake egg scam was introduced by Gaians during Easter 2k4, April 2004, when the scavenger hunt feature was implemented. During the Easter egg hunt, an egg could appear randomly in a thread, it is in threads where the act happens. It involves using the image of the official egg and placing it as a signature or within thread comments, and thus making it appear as if a legit egg has appeared, Gaians who click on it only to discover that is just an image.[1][2]

Another version of the fake egg scam involves attaching a link to the image and having it lead offsite or even a phishing site.[3] While some Gaians were attempting to be good humored about offsite links by linking to search engines, video sites, their own profile or a random Gaia thread.[4]

Consequences explainedEdit

Given that the phishing links stood to be too risky for the joke to continue without consequence, from 2004 and onward there is information about them in announcements and even a warning toward people who attempt to spread fake eggs. The act will lead to an account being banned.


Since 2004 there have been many attempts by Gaia staff to curb the fake egg issue. These involved:

  • An official sticky thread headed by an Administrator or Moderator, where users could chat and possibly collect eggs as the thread grew.
  • An 'Alert Bubble' created to inform Gaians that a legitimate egg can be found in a thread.
  • Disabling signatures in the designated event forum.
  • Official announcement threads about the event having a warning about fake eggs and the consequences of their usage.
  • Encouraging Gaians to report postings and signatures that show fake egg usage.
  • Eggs being collectable outside of threads. This means being able to find an egg around the site (e.g. forum interface, landing pages).
  • Having the eggs be scrollable. This means once an egg appears on a page, scrolling 'down or up' causes the egg to travel with the scrolling action.
  • Having the eggs appear in absurd places, this makes it impossible for Gaians (who only have access to simple forum coding) to duplicate the image's position.


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