The Exchange Bugs (properly titled Bug Exchange) is located in the Durem Depot in the town of Durem. Shopkeeper Moira will take the bugs Gaians catch in towns and produce vials of ink in return. With this ink, Gaians can go to Exchange Flowers in Buttercup Cafe to dye the paper of flower bouquets or they can Exchange Inks in Skin Tyte to mix inks to create different colors or give to Devin for him to create tattoos.


  • Common bugs that share the same color (i.e red) can be combined to make said ink; as long as the combined total is fifty.[1]
    • Example: 30 Red Beetles + 11 Red Dragonfly + 9 Red Butterfly = 50 bugs with the same color element (Red). Therefore resulting in 1 Vial of Red Ink.
  • Rare bugs can be exchanged for more than one vial of ink; besides the Purple Fly.
  • Mixing inks for "special color inks" (such as pink) is free and can be done at Skin Tyte

Creating inkEdit

Color Ink Common bug Rare bug Combining ink
Black Ink Ink black 50 Cicada, 50 Firefly, 50 House Fly 1 Demonfly, 1 Great Monarch, 1 Rhino Beetle, 1 The Whistler ×
Blue Ink Ink blue 50 Blue Beetle, 50 Blue Butterfly, 50 Blue Dragonfly × ×
Brown Ink Ink brown 50 Brown Beetle, 50 Cricket 1 Rhino Beetle 1 Red Ink, 1 Green Ink
Gold Ink Ink gold × 1 Golden Legs 1 Yellow Ink, 1 White Ink
Green Ink Ink green 50 Grasshopper, 50 Green Dragonfly 1 Golden Legs 1 Yellow Ink, 1 Blue Ink
Orange Ink Ink orange × 1 Great Monarch 5 Red Ink, 5 Yellow Ink
Pink Ink Ink pink × × 5 Red Ink, 1 White Ink
Purple Ink Ink purple × 1 Purple Fly 5 Blue Ink, 5 Red Ink
Red Ink Ink red 50 Red Fly, 50 Red Beetle, 50 Red Butterfly, 50 Red Dragonfly 1 Purple Fly, 1 Demonfly ×
White Ink Ink white × 1 Great Monarch 5 Red Ink, 5 Blue Ink, 5 Green Ink
Yellow Ink Ink yellow 50 Yellow Butterfly 1 Golden Legs, 1 The Whistler ×


  • Gaians view the exchange of bugs to ink to be humorous as no one is sure how the ink is created.


Gs bug exchange page
Exchange Bugs page, not enough bugs


  1. Gaia Thread: Converting Bugs to Ink: A guide

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