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The Evolving Item Museum was released on Gaia Online in November 6, 2008. It contains every past Evolving Item available for Gaians to try on and preview them before buying. Of course, the items are just for looking, and cannot be taken away.

The Museum is incredibly useful to see how an Evolving Item would layer with other items, something an external dream avatar creator could not accurately display. It can also be used as a reference to what the EI's names are (since many can be rather complicated to remember).

It contains links to every EI Report ever posted, done in descending order. And the items names are listed alphabetically. Under the names it will display whether the item is currently evolving or has finished (based on the 1st Gen). Clicking to preview an item will give a link to the Marketplace and also display a link to buy the item from La Victoire cash shop or show that it is no longer available in Cash Shop.

The Museum updates when the announcement has given the report of what items evolved.

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