Event Item refer to items released during a Events in the month of holidays. These items are obtained by participating in the event's activities.

See also: Category:Event Item

Types of ItemsEdit

  • Holiday series - This could refer to any item with a themed based on the specified holiday- i.e. Halloween with its Grab Bags. These date back to 2003.
  • Faction items - This can include items related to Towns, Factions, or Corporations; meaning a user must sided with a character group to obtain their items. These date back to 2004.
  • Shop items - Stocked in shops, these are items released for the sake of the season or for the theme of the event. Unlike event items they cost gold, stickers, or cash.

Misc. typesEdit

  • Sponsor items - These are items that relate to sponsorships that are present on Gaia Online.
  • GoFusion items - These are items gotten through the GoFusion feature. They cost charms.

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