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  • All the text here is from the event and copied verbatim from Gaia Online. This page shows the gameplay of the Christmas 2k12: Apocalypsmas event.


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Event page

Xmas2k12 redeemdestory

Stats, Redeem and Destroy

Xmas2k12 redeem

Congrazzles Popup

The gameplay happened in the event forum. The buttons available were "Redeem" and "Destroy", both located at the top of the forum and on the main event page. To participate, Gaians had four options to gain energy: Posting in a thread, donating items, gifting items, and caroling. Another method of gaining energy was people replying to a thread started by thread's creator. Once Gaians reached the max amount of energy required to earn an ornament, they could either redeem it or destroy it. This would effect a Christmas tree's status, becoming more colorful or dull depending on the actions of the community.

The items and achievements were gotten depending on what happened with the ornaments. The achievements for 25 Redeems resulted in the "Cheerbringer" achievement, and 17 Destroys resulted in the "Cheercrusher" achievement.

Donating items to Dumpster Dive: 3-4% or 10 Points
Gifting items: 33% or 100 Points
Posting in a thread: 3-4% or 10 Points
Getting replies on thread: 3-4% or 10 Points
Caroling: 100% or 300 points on completion of the 22nd carol
Redeem 01 Ornament - Xmas 2k12 Bell Choir Gloves
Redeem 05 Ornaments - Xmas 2k12 Festive Poinsettia Dress
Redeem 10 Ornaments - Xmas 2k12 Festive Poinsettia Coat
Destroy 01 Ornament - Xmas 2k12 Bah! Humbug!


Xmas 2k12 - How toEdit

[1] Xmas 2012 - How To

  • Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:06 pm

Doom is upon us! Help save Christmas by creating threads, donating items, Caroling and giving gifts to fellow Gaians!

Those who post in your threads contribute to your energy! So do what you can to keep those conversations rolling. Would you rather give gifts to others? No problem, giving gifts contributes as well! Once your ornament is filled to the max of all that it can hold, donate it towards the community to help save Christmas, or destroy it and help the new age of darkness reign.

Do what you can to keep positive energy flowing and the spirit alive. Once the world has received as much as it can take a new star is born to help keep the world safe. (represented by the number in the star on top of the tree) ...and who knows, if enough are born even the universe may have to stop and take heed.

The time is upon us and the choice is yours.... choose wisely!

Misc. textEdit

Text seen on the Event page. It consisted of a Christmas tree and a stats box, with the Daily Bonus above. Surrounding were boxes linking to the manga, event forum, shops, and inventory.

Daily Bonus
14 to 25
Read the story behind Apocalypsmas. > Visit Manga
Share the merriment with your fellow Gaians. > Visit Forum
Get free items & power up your ornaments > Visit Caroling
Spread cheer by giving gifts to friends or donating to the Dumpster Dive! > Visit Inventory
General messages
  • You don't have enough energy to redeem your ornament yet!
  • You don't have enough energy to destroy your ornament yet!


Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 1
Horse Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 1 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 2
Drum w/sticks Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 2 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 3
Gold bell Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 3 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 4
Crossbones Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 9 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 5
Teddy bear w/ Santa hat Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 5 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 6
Mini angel wing Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 6 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 7
Diedrich w/ Santa hat Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 7 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 8
Kitten Star Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 8 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 9
Gold G Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 9 grey
Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 10
Ultra Satan Xmas2k12 ornament 2012 10 grey
Xmas2k12 forumheader
Forum header beginning
Xmas2k12 forumheader2
Energy 100
Xmas2k12 forumheader4
Energy 1000
Xmas2k12 forumheader5
Energy 300
Xmas2k12 grant modal
Grant modal
Xmas2k12 cta redeem
Xmas2k12 cta destroy
Xmas2k12 cta ok
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 1
Christmas tree →
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 2
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 3
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 4
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 5
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 6
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 7
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 8
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 9
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 10
Tree filled

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