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  • Dec 22 Xmas2011 - How to Play[1]

This event is simple, Help Old Pete by donating items or gold. Each marker that is reached on the community donation bar will unlock a special gift from the NPC on that part of the bar. The event will end once enough has been donated to fill the bar!

Did you miss a grant from a particular NPC? No problem. Just click their image to be taken to that NPC's story and item.

There's a possibility of getting additional event-specific item grants while you're donating, so be sure to stay active so you don't miss out!

New Gaian? ...little to no items or gold? ...saving up for that awesome item and don't want to spend a ton on this event? problem... If you wish you can donate as little as one gold and you'll still have a chance at being granted an item.

Note: The inventory display on the event page saves for an hour. If you're one of the Gaian's who've donated an item that wasn't removed from the display or if you just bought an item and it's not showing up yet for donations, just wait a bit and when the save expires the inventory display will correct itself.

The Carol of Old PeteEdit

Ian eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent1 ian

To Old Pete, one man's trash is another man's dinner-- but dumpster diving can be dangerous. Back in March, Pete was chasing a half-eaten cigarette down a trash tunnel when the whole dang thing collapsed on him. Luckily, Ian and Rufus just happened to be walking by, and they lent the buried hobo a hand.

Pete would sure love to repay Ian's kindness. Let's scrounge up some secondhand items for him, huh?

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon1 ian

Rina eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent2 rina

Rina's been high atop Santa's 'Nice' list every year since I can remember. This goodhearted girl is always happy to help the needy-- whenever she's trying out an experimental new recipe, she always lets Old Pete take a crack at it first. Sometimes it's a delicious pie, sometimes it's a chocolate onion quiche-- doesn't matter much to Pete, since he blew out his tastebuds long ago. Pete would be much obliged if we could help him find something nice for Rina. Why not donate an old item to the cause?

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon2 rina

Liam eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent3 liam

This summer, Liam hit the clubs for a night on the town. Oh, don't you worry, he didn't forget about Sam-- he was just there to have some cocktails and fist-pump a little. Old Pete happened to wander in, and Liam mistook him for some kinda rock and roll hipster. He expertly wingmanned Pete for a whole evening, leading to plenty of free drinks and female attention.

Pete sure would love to pay back the favor. Maybe we could help him find something nice to give Liam.

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon3 liam

Diedrich eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent4 diedrich

Now, ol' Santa can't say much about this one, since the inner life of Diedrich is something very much beyond my grasp. But let me tell you this: a few weeks ago, Diedrich gave Pete some very important philosophical advice about the nature of life. What did he tell him? Well, that's just not for us to know.

But it meant a lot to Pete. Maybe we can all chip in and help him give something nice to Diedrich.

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon4 diedrich

Vanessa eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent5 vanessa

Wherever Pete lays his head, well, that's his home for the night. Or the afternoon, due to his erratic sleep schedule. Recently, Pete laid his head on some wet cement, and the whole dang sidewalk dried into his hair. Luckily, Vanessa was willing to fix it for him, pro-bono.

Let's help Pete repay the favor! I'm sure he'd love to shower her with gifts, so why not donate a few?

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon5 vanessa

Old Man Logan eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent6 logan

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime. Well, it didn't quite happen that way for Pete. Old Man Logan gave him a bucket of worms to help him learn to fish, but Pete just went ahead and cut out the middleman.

Mighta been the best meal Pete ever had. How about we help him repay Logan by throwing some gifts under the tree?

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon6 logan

Nicolae eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent7 nicolae

With his bohemian lifestyle, Pete doesn't hold much regard for material things. So when he found an old painting hidden in an abandoned castle, he figured he'd pawn it for something useful. Nicolae was eager to help out-- he gave Pete some useful items in return, including two cans of beans and an old prosthetic hand (Pete named it 'Snuggles').

Pete sure would like to express his gratitude for Nicolae's honest dealings. Maybe we could throw in some gifts!

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon7 nicolae

Sam eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent8 sam

During the winter, it can be a little tough to find a warm place to sleep. Old Pete sometimes crawls under the hoods of recently-driven cars, since the warm engines keep him nice and toasty. Well, Sam discovered him under the hood of one of the junkers in her shop-- she felt for Pete's predicament, so she even built him a special 'sleeping car' so he'd always have a nice spot to crash.

How about we help Pete repay the kindness?

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon8 sam

Bludeau eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent9 bludeau

Under his cold metal exterior, Bludeau just wants to be loved. And somewhere deep inside Old Pete's clattering skull, there's a burning desire for companionship. Or, heck, maybe there's not. But the point is, Bludeau was the first being to offer Pete the gift of unconditional love.

Pete sure did appreciate that. Maybe we can help him express his gratitude by throwing in some old junk.

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon9 bludeau

Adult Timmy eventEdit

Xmas2k11 bgevent10 timmy

Years ago, the Evolving Item Report took a strange turn when young Timmy took the show on the road, letting Old Pete co-host the show as he quested for meaning. Dr. Singh wasn't there for the shows, but she did control the paychecks-- not only did Pete get momentary fame, he's been getting monthly residual checks for 18 Gold!

Donate some items now to help Pete thank Dr. Singh for his shot at the bigtime!

Donate! Xmas2k11 icon10 drsingh

Misc TextEdit

Xmas2k11 donateitems1
Donation module, choose item to donate. Equip, Special, House
Xmas2k11 donateitems2
Xmas2k11 donateitems3
Thank You!
Xmas2k11 donateitems4
A thank you grant; alchemy component
Xmas2k11 donateitems5
valuable item confirmation. "Are you sure you want to donate this item?"
> Donate Items

Donate Items > Confirmation > Thank You!
-or donate some gold! __ Donate

> Confirmation

Are you sure you want to donate this gold?
You are donating 18g
donate gold? [NO] [YES]

> Thank You!

Thank you for your donation!

General errorsEdit

General error

Item Donation Error
Sorry you need to wait 15 seconds before donating again.
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Item Donation Error

Sorry, we were not able to donate your item.

Gold Donation Error

Either the gold amount was invalid, or you do not have enough gold.

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